10 best ice skates for beginners, according to a 2021 pro

Winter arrive, and you might be looking for some new ice skates for beginners. When it comes to ice skates, there really is no one size fits all. Of course, every foot is different, but every skater also has different needs. You might be a beginner who wants to skate recreationally. Or maybe you are a beginner hockey player and need a skating shoe that allows you to make tight turns. Either way, in order to have a good time on the ice and not feel pain in your feet afterward, it is important to try and find a skating shoe that you feel comfortable in. and who can go the distance – and it’s probably not the pair you’re given at the rink.

It’s something world figure skating choreographer, coach and choreographer Michelle Hong emphatically preaches. “I am a strong believer in ‘you have to try it first’,” said Hong. “I think there are people who are really excited again, or who see Olympians wearing a certain mark and a certain blade, and they want to get the high end. But that high end boot won’t be competent. for them, or it won’t be a good choice for them in that regard. “

FYI: There are two main types of skates you can choose from: those for figure skating and those for hockey. Either can work if you are a beginner. Figure skates generally have a long blade for balance and a spike for better control when performing tricks on the ice. On the other hand, hockey skates generally have a smoother edge, no point and a curved blade.

For those hoping to improve their skating this year, Hong recommends brands that offer a range of options for pros, as well as beginners. “And so for those who are new to it, finding a skate that is right for you and that you are comfortable walking in is really important,” Hong said. “And the boots I recommend are Riedell and Jackson.”

If you’re unsure of the best skates to try, take a look at some of our top picks below.

The best ice skates for beginners

Jackson Ultima Women’s Figure Skates – $ 190.00

If you really love having fun on the ice, these Jackson Ultima ticks all the right boxes. Designed for entry-level figure skaters, these boots are perfect to have on hand for performance and freestyle skating. They offer a microfiber lining and memory foam ankle padding to give you maximum comfort and support during turns, rotations and lifts on the ice. Plus, the flexible notch lets you seamlessly switch from free skate to performance.

Jackson Ultima Softec Sport Women’s Ice Skates – $ 120.00

For those times when you just want to kick back and casually glide across the ice, these skates may be just what you need. Not only are they light and easy to control, but they also have a special heat-saving liner to help keep your feet toasty warm while you’re on the ice.

DBX Women’s ’20 Traditional Ice Skate – $ 65.00

Originally $ 74.99, now $ 64.99

Whether you are learning to skate or want to get back to skating, DBX skates are here to make your time on the ice extremely easy. Each boot has a set of saw-shaped ridges (otherwise known as spikes) to help you better grip the ice and execute lap after lap. The skates also seem to be a slam dunk when it comes to fit. “I had these skates to use as a beginner / hobby skater and love them,” explained a five-star reviewer. “I had to go down a size down from my usual size, but with a pair of chunky cabin socks these skates were very comfortable and supported the price.”

Riedell Pearl 114 Women’s Figure Skates – $ 115.00

If you’re the type of person who enjoys skating only during the winter or occasionally for fun, then these Riedell skates should be on your radar. These skating boots in particular are a great combination of style and performance. For example, they have a padded Achilles tendon collar for comfort and a split tongue to give you a lot more stability on the ice.

Riedell Opal 110 Skates – $ 80.00

These modern style skates from Riedell are yet another go-to choice for recreational skating. For starters, the extra foam padding inside makes them super comfortable during your skating session while the stainless steel blades have a smooth edge that lets you maneuver on the ice with ease. In addition, the boots have a PVC sole to better keep your feet dry while you skate.

Bauer Senior Vapor Volt Ice Hockey Skates – $ 110.00

Originally $ 139.99, now $ 109.99

For those who prefer to hit the outdoor rink with a pair of hockey skates, this is a safe bet. Designed for new skaters, these boots have a comfortable fleece lining with extra protection to keep your feet perfectly supported.

CCM Super Tacks 9350 Ice Hockey Skates – Senior – $ 70.00

If you want to try your hand at ice hockey this winter, look no further than these CCM Super Tacks skates. They have an ergonomic boot for an ultra-comfortable fit, as well as a pre-sharpened stainless steel blade with raised support for more precise control. Plus, they have thick foam on the inside to help protect against puck and hickey stick hits.

5th Element Grace Women’s Ice Skates – $ 50.00

If you are looking for a basic skate to help you glide easily on the ice, these 5th Element Grace boots may be just what you need during the cold season. At $ 50, these skates are fan favorites for recreational skating, and for good reason. You can easily remove the sockliner to customize your fit. Not to mention, they also have a cold resistant tongue and 10mm reinforced polyester laces.

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