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100 Mile Minor Hockey’s new team of U13 representatives gained valuable experience this weekend.

100 Mile House hosted the Icebreaker U13 tournament on Saturday, inviting teams from Williams Lake, Quesnel and Prince George to compete. Although they didn’t win any of their games, head coach Brad McKinnon said the team fought hard and showed spirit on the ice.

“It was a tough weekend. We played some very competitive teams, but I’m happy to say we came away with a lot of knowledge about the things we need to work on,” McKinnon said. It’s time to get to work. The season starts in a few weeks and this weekend has been instrumental in helping us understand what we need to do to compete.

On Saturday, McKinnon’s team, the 100 Mile Millers, took on the Quesnel Thunder, losing 11-4. Throughout the game, the Millers, many of whom were shorter than the Thunder players, struggled to get past the opposing team. Despite this, they remained determined and fought for goals until time ran out.

McKinnon said their other games were closer, but the weekend wasn’t really about win or lose. Instead, he said it’s all about determining the skills of his players and where they’ll fit into the roster for the whole season.

“I think they had a great time. I saw a lot of smiling faces, flushed cheeks and sweaty hair and I think it was an eye opener for a lot of them. It’s a rhythm of much faster hockey and certainly more physical, but they have accepted the challenge and embraced the opportunity and are looking forward to getting back on the ice and continuing to work hard.

Although McKinnon is pleased with the performance of the entire team, he said he was particularly impressed with the team’s goaltenders. Savannah Bissat and Rowan Johnston stayed in the game even though they “faced a lot of rubber”. Goalkeeping is hard work, McKinnon said, and he was proud they didn’t give up.

McKinnon said it had been a long time since the association had been able to offer a competitive program at the U13 level. The fact that they can this year is exciting for him and the talented young players he is coaching.

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“We have exceptional athletes and giving them the opportunity to move and improve in their hockey careers and play against other high caliber teams is a very good thing for the players and the league,” McKinnon said. .

The Millers will play across the province this season, starting in mid-October with home games every other weekend. McKinnon said he looks forward to spending time with the young 100 Mile athletes and watching them grow.

“The sport of hockey has been very good to me and being able to pass on some of those skills to young male and female hockey players is a very important thing to me,” McKinnon said.

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