16 year old opens new Generations Skate in Ennis

Patty Hulette Daily Light Contributor

For the past few months, high school student Mikaiah Spencer from Corsicana felt overwhelmed by the thought of turning 16 and had no idea what kind of part-time job she should be looking for.

All she knew for sure was that she definitely didn’t want to be a fast-food slinger.

This creative-minded teenager discussed her dilemma with her mother J. Nicole Jackson. In return, her mother gave her daughter some helpful advice: if you’re happy doing what you do at work, then you’ll never really “work” a day in your life. It will become something pleasant for you.

“What is one thing you really like to do? Jackson said.

Spencer quickly replied, “Over the past year, I’ve grown to love roller skating, but there are no rinks near our home in Rice, so I can practice my skills.”

Somehow the two stumbled across the liberated Ennis rink which has been closed for years. After much discussion and seeking financial support from her mother, the industrious young woman hatched a plan – and that plan came to fruition as “Generations Skate” held its grand opening last weekend at 1301 South Kaufman St. in Ennis.

Jackson was the company’s official financier (the “CFO”), and all other aspects of the idea were realized through the ingenuity and talents of Spencer, the chief operating officer. This includes naming the rink, designing the colorful skating wall, adding space for rental parties, setting up a pool table, snack bar, rental shop and merchandising skates, special equipment for beginners and an innovative photo booth.

The forward-thinking 16-year-old said, “I can’t believe my crazy mum said ‘yes’ to my ideas, and she’s been so supportive in every way.

Jackson said, “I know my daughter is very smart and creative. I hope this rink will become a popular place for children of all ages (as well as their parents and grandparents) to relax and enjoy the art of roller skating. Most importantly, I want Mikaiah to learn how to successfully run his own business.

“Generations Skate” (meaning all ages – young, old and all ages in between) proves to be an excellent environment that provides a comfortable, quality and superior free skating experience.

As for Spencer’s later high school years, she chose to be part of an online program that allows her to work in the summer and also during regular school years.

For general information and hours of operation regarding Generations Skate, call 469-881-1213 or email [email protected]

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