3 things to watch out for against St. Louis

The Detroit Red Wings play their second game in three days for the Upside Down tournament against St. Louis tonight at 7 pm. There is little to recap on what happened against Dallas, as much of the focus was on Kirill Tyutyayev and his two goals.

As the focus shifts to tonight, what are the potential scenarios for the Wings’ prospects as they take on the Blues.

How will Tyutyayev follow his performance on Thursday?

First, this was absolutely going to be one of the three things to watch out for as well as being a way to keep practicing spelling her last name. Regardless of how he ends the tournament, he will be closely watched for the rest and throughout the season in Grand Rapids as well.

The buzz that surrounded him before the tournament and after scoring two goals reminds me of a Wings fan I once met during a Red Wings – Blackhawks preseason game in 2001.

Now, for the sake of understanding, watching and following leads was nothing like what it is now. It has become a science and something that goes beyond a simple eye exam and provides a number of elements for making final judgments. In 2001, you could find prospect information on hardcore hockey sites and message boards, but it wasn’t as prevalent as it is today.

My brother and I were talking by the glass, marveling at the litany of stars now carrying the winged wheel skating on the ice.

A guy overheard us, noted our conversation, especially as we debated who would be the best striker among Luc Robitaille, Sergey Fedorov, Brendan Shanahan Where Brett Hull. The guy turned around, and to this day I remember how adamant he was.

“Boys, keep an eye on that kid Datsyuk. He’s gonna be a good one. He stopped and thought, then added: “I think even better than Fedorov.”

Now that in itself is a debate for another day (I personally think Fedorov is better), but I remember wondering if this guy would be right. 20 years later he was absolutely right to keep an eye on him and that he would be a good one.

So keep an eye out for this Tyutyayev kid. I’m by no means daring enough to compare him to Fedorov or Datsyuk, but I think he could be a good one as well.

Will Sebastian Cossa have a chance between the pipes?

It looks like with Jan Bednar as a healthy zero in Game 1, he could take on the role of substitute for Cossa, who would be the fans’ choice to start Game 2 of the tournament. If there is anything that could supplant Tyutyayev’s love party, it would be Cossa having a dominant game that results in a shutout or highlighted reel stoppages that only increase the excitement already. around him.

Will the Raymond-Veleno-Berggren line play a second game together?

More of that please. I found myself rewinding the stream a lot just to review the line, whether or not it resulted in a goal. As more and more hopefuls spend time on the North American ice, it’s a pleasure to see them play not only here, but together as a unit. Athletic’s Max Bultman also had this:

Hoping to see them on the ice again tonight.

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