50 facts about the iconic skateboarder

Steve Caballero is one of the most influential and innovative skateboarders of all time.

Armed with an infectious smile and power skating training, Caballero used his low center of gravity to get the most out of his ride.

The Californian legend went through one of the most critical periods of skate history – the 80s.

Steve has won every competition he has entered and won everything a professional skater could dream of.

But Caballero has stayed true to his values ​​and hasn’t let fame and vanity change and affect his skating style and skills.

Rather, he kept his creative flair alive and expressed it through the invention of tricks, the introduction of variations of tricks and the development of newly tried maneuvers.

Caballero was one of the pioneers of the versatile skateboard concept. He excelled in the streets, impressed at the skatepark, and inspired generations in the bowl.

More than money and magazine covers, Steve was all for “the awesome feeling of skating that trumps all the fame, fortune, status and being a pro model.”

50 fascinating facts about Steve Caballero

1. Steve Caballero was born on November 8, 1964 in San Jose, California.

2. He is of Mexican-Japanese descent. Her parents are Fred and Maria Aurora.

3. The clumsy-footed skater was born with a problem with spinal alignment – scoliosis – leading to subsequent health issues.

4. Before trying his hand at skateboarding, the young Californian tried his hand at rollerblading with steel wheels.

5. Steve Caballero started skateboarding at the age of 12, a year after his parents divorced.

6. The first skatepark he rode in was Concrete Wave in Anaheim, California. He had seen it on his first trips to Disneyland.

7. One of his first boards was the Ty Page Free Former wooden skateboard with sealed bearings and duct tape.

8. During his first outings, Steve wore soccer pads and a hockey helmet.

9. He got his first sponsor – Campbell Skateboard Park – in 1979, and he joined Team A at the site.

10. In his collection of memorabilia, Steve has a sheet of paper where he wrote down every contest he entered at Campbell’s.

Ty Page Free Former: Steve Caballero's first skate

11. His most popular nicknames are Cab and Cabbie.

12. Caballero turned pro in 1980 at the age of 16, but says he never saw the sport as a career.

13. Her parents were always very supportive and took her to skate parks. They even allowed him to build a ramp in his garden.

14. His first competition as a professional skater was the Golden Cup Series, held at the Oasis Skatepark in San Diego, California.

15. One of his first idols was Eddie Elguera, a skater from Bellflower, California, known as “El Gato”.

16. Caballero is an early member of Powell Peralta’s The Bones Brigade skate team.

17. When he joined the Bones Brigade, he was given a yellow Ray Bones Rodriguez board with the red skull and sword next to the Bones wheels and rails.

18. Additionally, in 1980 Caballero became the first skateboarder in the history of the sport to have his own iconic pro deck illustrated by Vernon Courtlandt Johnson.

19. Steve invented the caballerial – or fakie backside 360 ​​- skate ride in 1981 during the final of a contest held in Upland, California.

20. He is also credited with inventing the front plank, the twist, backside a boneless, and invert switch.

Steve Caballero: Legendary Skateboarder Performs Branded Frontside Boardslide |  Photo: Red Bull

21. Caballero often used clothing and skating equipment with a dragon because according to the Chinese zodiac he was born in the year of the dragon.

22. The legendary San Jose skater was consecutively named Skater of the Year from 1981 to 1984.

23. In 1984, Caballero had an acting role in the film “Escape from El Diablo” directed by Gordon Hessler.

24. In 1987, Steve appeared in “The Search for the Animal Chin”, the first skateboard movie to have a screenplay.

25. That same year, he won the green and street titles at the Skateboarding World Cup in Münster, Germany.

26. Caballero held the world record for the highest flight ever on a halfpipe – 11 feet – for two decades (1977-1997).

27. In 1989, he became the very first skateboarder to see a professional signature skate shoe hit the market – the Vans High Top.

28. Steve Caballero participated in the Closing Ceremony of the 1996 Atlanta Olympic Games alongside Adil Dyani, Andy Macdonald, Brian Howard, Darren Menditto, Mike Crum, Mike Frazier, Neil Hendrix, Tom Boyle and Tony hawk.

29. In 1999, Caballero was named Skater of the Century by Thrasher magazine.

30. He also set the world record for the longest slide on a 44-step ramp near Bernal Intermediate School in San Jose.

Steve Caballero: Always a Skillful Skater in the Bowl, Street or Park |  Photo: Magdalinski / Creative Commons

31. Steve Caballero is a huge music fan and has appeared in several groups including Odd Man Out, Shovelhead, Soda and The Faction.

32. Despite his punk rock stance, he always called for “more positive, loving and selfless attitudes” in skateboarding and refrained from consuming alcohol, cigarettes and drugs.

33. The progressive skater also carefully analyzed and studied the sites in which he was about to compete to visualize the movements and prepare for the showdown.

34. He always assumed he was addicted to competition and raised the bar for his performance in any competition he entered.

35. Throughout his career he has placed first in over 30 green, pool and street skateboarding competitions.

36. Caballero built their own ramps with large transitions that made it easier to slip knees when bailing.

37. He is particularly known for his colossal backside airs which often reached 10 feet, among many other skills and achievements.

38. The trailblazer thinks style is the result of how well you perform a trick and not how many difficult tricks you can do.

39. In 2010, Steve Caballero was inducted into the Skateboarding Hall of Fame in Simi Valley, California.

40. In 2014, the skater dressed up as a Wookiee for an advertisement for the Vans / Star Wars shoe and clothing collection.

41. He says the McTwist is the trick he can’t do, but he wished he could.

42. Steve Caballero’s net worth is estimated to be around $ 5 million.

43. He is 1.60 m (5 ft 3 in) tall and weighs approximately 69 kg (152 pounds).

44. Caballero has three children – Kayla Leslie Caballero, Caleb Bela Caballero and Clover Lavie Caballero.

45. Steve Caballero first married Susan, with whom they had Kayla Leslie, then married Rachel, with whom they had Caleb Bela and Clover Lavie.

46. ​​The iconic skater has several hobbies. He enjoys photography, visual arts, motocross, comics, toys, cooking and hot rodding.

47. Caballero is one of the stars of several video games in Tony Hawk’s Pro Skater series.

48. Faith has always been an essential dimension in Steve’s life. Although he was raised as a Catholic, Caballero also showed an interest in Zen Buddhism, Taoism, and Pentecostalism.

49. Since 2005, he has attended Daybreak, a non-denominational Christian church.

50. Steve Caballero is on Facebook (@stevecaballeroofficial), Instagram (@stevecaballero) and Twitter (@stevecaballero).

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