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Roller champions is Ubisoft’s latest F2P game, and in case you missed our full Roller champions review, the verdict is: it’s pretty good, actually. It’s a simple skating game where you run around an arena to kick balls into a goal, but there’s a competitive and tactical advantage to the game that makes it much deeper than is evident on the surface. .

In this guide, we detail eight tips you need to know to start playing Roller champions and start winning ranked matches.

Controlling and owning the ball is the first thing your team should focus on. If you want to accumulate points and win the game, you have to go around the arena without letting the other team touch it – as soon as your opponents get the ball, your round score is reset. Being able to hold the ball and keep it in your team’s hands is the most important thing you can focus on in the first minute of any game.

It’s very easy to fall behind when trying to get around the rink, especially if you’re tackled to the ground by cheeky opponents. Luckily, there is a method to launch yourself out of allies. If you are behind a teammate, you can tab LB/L1 to grab yourself and throw yourself in front of the peloton. This translates to a huge burst of speed and is perfect for getting up front for a quick pass.

Maintaining that speed and momentum is one of the most important parts of Roller champions, and therefore you have to abuse the slopes of the arena to get as much speed as possible. The arena walls are angled so you can run up them with enough momentum and then back down to push the force forward. You can also use the slopes to zigzag past your enemies, making it harder for them to attack you.

You don’t want to be tackled at any time, but you do want to tackle your opponents as often as possible. Since your opponents will want to prevent your team from controlling the ball, they will likely run towards the player with the ball and start a tackling frenzy. Before they get there, you can execute the defense by tackling them first to slow their advance. Tackle is great for keeping the ball away from enemies, but also slowing down your enemies while you protect your team.

There’s actually not much incentive to get started Roller championsunlike stunt-focused titles like Tony Hawk’s Pro Skater. Instead, jumping should be used in order to maintain momentum and avoid tackles from opponents. You can jump directly over their heads or use a jump to scale a slope without losing momentum going up a ramp.

When you face a good team, passing the ball will become infinitely more important. You have to pass the ball to other members of your team in order to keep it away from enemies. If you find the enemy team moving towards your ball carrier – and they will – move ahead of the enemy and have the ball carrier pass you. You can indicate your intention to receive by pressing the pass button when you don’t have the ball. Of course, if enemies are in front of you, going behind might be a better idea.

You should never turn around after you’ve already completed a lap, but if you happen to fall behind and the team is coming up behind you, then turning around and taking them head-on might be a better idea. This way you can tackle enemies head-on, run into them faster, and hopefully intercept the ball before they manage to complete their own tricks.

You have to go around the arena to collect points, but these points don’t count for anything until you throw the ball through the goal ring. The objective only opens after completing at least one trick, but you can easily complete multiple tricks and then rack up all those points at once. If you manage to complete five rounds and kick the balls into the goal, it’s an instant win. Don’t push your luck by doing tricks if you’re up against a tough team, because you might regret it if they manage to steal the ball from you.

Written by Dave Aubrey on behalf of GLHF.

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