A free live service skate game is perfect, if done right

The skate The series has been hugely popular for quite some time now, but has remained dormant until recently. Due to leaks and rumours, fans knew that July was going to contain new information about the upcoming skate game, which was announced earlier, but no one expected EA to announce the release of the latest entry in the series as a free-to-play live service game. The news was a little shocking at first, but making such a drastic change is part of the developer’s attempt to revamp the series, as the new game isn’t Skate 4 but simply Skate.


Live service games are meant to keep players engaged for as long as possible by continually adding more to the game. Of course, live service games have their pros and cons, but skate has serious potential to overcome the hurdles that come with its new features and continue the skate legacy.

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How Live Service and Free Features Will Benefit Skate

The main appeal of live service games is their ability to remain relevant and interesting even years after release. Most live service titles are multiplayer games, and rightly so, as multiplayer games often have to adapt to popular new features and release new content in order to stay relevant. A perfect example of a live service game is Fortnite, released five years ago but still one of the most popular games in the world. However skate isn’t as multiplayer as other live service games, much of its content and features could benefit from regular updates.

Live service implies that skate is expected to feature new content updates on a regular basis which could include anything from new apparel, boards, or gear to entirely new skate parks. Considering these are the core unlockables in previous games, it makes perfect sense that EA would want to update the content to stay relevant and possibly even allow players to influence the added content. As shown in the recent press release skate alpha trailer, the developer makes it a point to listen to players and add features that fans want to see in the game.

Free play functionality almost always comes side-by-side with live service games, as it makes sense that games of this ilk are released for free, but charge players for particular services or content. The main benefit of this type of marketing is that it allows players to purchase content or unlock content (through a season pass or similar progression system) only if they choose to purchase it, but games often allow free progression as well. system which still contains new and updated unlockables. Past iterations of skate based their progression system on the growing popularity of the player in the skateboarding world and their progression allowed them to purchase new equipment. So let’s release the newest skate The game as a free live service game essentially expands the game’s original progression system to a larger scale that would include updated content.

Possible negative side effects of a live serve skate

Live service and free games have their advantages, but there are also some disadvantages to providing any game for free. The most glaring qualms fans have with the concept is the ability for players to pay to win or essentially spend money to buy in-game items that can give them an unfair advantage. Fortunately, skate isn’t as competitive or reliant on particular gear or gear compared to other live service games, but the idea that players can unlock particular items with money instead of skills tends to diminish the whole reward system. EA said it has no plans to implement such features, but gamers have heard the same thing before in other games, including the famous Diablo Immortal. This is not to doubt EA, just a statement of what happened with other free live service titles.

Since skate puts such an emphasis on creativity and customization, much of the unlockable content will likely be locked behind a progression system that players will have to pay to participate in, at least the best cosmetic rewards. While it makes business sense for free-to-play games to have microtransactions, blocking some of the player’s creative options could lead to frustration and undermine the entire customization process. We don’t know exactly how skate It will continue to be a free-to-play live service game, but it will need to strike a good balance between new content and reasonable pricing and distribution if the game is to succeed in its new direction.

skate is currently in development.

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