A man says he shot in a skate park

LEXINGTON, Ky. (LEX 18) – A young man from Lexington told LEX 18 that he and his brother narrowly escaped a shooting at a skate park on Monday, but not before his car was hit by at least three balls.

“Thank God me or my brother weren’t hurt,” the man said. “Because at close range it could be a killing blow.”

The man, who asked LEX 18 to call him “Jordan”, said he didn’t want his real name or face filmed for fear of possible reprisals.

“If you’re going to shoot a park in broad daylight,” he said. “What else are you capable of?” »

Jordan said he was visiting his brother, 16, who was skating at Berry Hill Skate Park. Shortly after arriving, Jordan said he and his brother noticed groups of teenagers arguing.

“I wanted to get him out of a situation that I felt was getting worse,” he said.

Jordan got his brother into his car, but as he drove away, he said, bullets started flying. One struck the rear passenger door, while two others struck the front passenger side.

“That bullet could have killed [my brother]”Jordan said.

Jordan said he called the police after his car was hit. Lexington Police confirmed an investigation is underway.

When LEX 18 met with Jordan on Tuesday, he requested that the interview be held away from the park. He also said his brother didn’t want to come back to skate there.

“He doesn’t feel comfortable coming here,” Jordan said. “And I don’t blame him.”

Jordan said he’s heard gunshots before, but lately he’s felt like gun violence has gone blind in Lexington.

“It just gets reckless,” Jordan said. “People don’t care. It can happen to anyone at any time.”

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