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Between strobe disco lights, tie-dye sets and a hard floor full of college students on roller skates, you could mistake Marquette for 70s last Saturday.

The Student Wellness Center has partnered with Late Night Marquette to host a decade-themed event at the Alumni Memorial Union on November 5, complete with crafts, prizes and a breakfast buffet For dinner. The Monaghan Ballroom was outfitted with disco music and lights, and attendees were encouraged to dress in 70s-themed attire.

Attendance was high, especially on the crowded skating rink; at one point there was a line almost outside the door of students waiting their turn to replace their shoes with pairs of skates.

For Melissa Variny, a senior at the College of Business Administration and event organizer, the success of student participation came as a pleasant surprise.

“I wasn’t sure how many people would show up because these things can be hit or miss, especially on weekends. I’m really glad a lot of students showed up, it’s cool to see everyone having fun with their friends and being able to do something fun on campus that isn’t alcohol related” , said Variny.

Late night gatherings usually consist of activity-based events, with bingo and persistent crafting as more frequent events.

Variny explained that organizers wanted to go beyond those efforts and introduce an event that would appeal to students looking to try something new, or just to engage in a unique fun night unlike anything they’ve come to expect. still lived on campus.

“We wanted to do something that would get people excited…it’s something that’s fun and exciting and that you don’t do every day,” Variny said.

Outfitted in a pair of retro neon sunglasses and a fashionable Strawberry Shortcake shirt for the era, Elizabeth Dungan, a senior at the College of Health Sciences, expressed her enthusiasm for the creativity behind the event.

“Being on the Marquette campus, of course, if you go into town there’s a lot to do, but on campus there’s usually not much to do other than go out to eat. To have a place where you can come and do something fun, like roller-skating… that’s really cool because there aren’t usually a lot of options,” Dungan said.

Mia Herring, a junior from the College of Communication, said she doesn’t normally attend Late Night events but found the promise of skating appealing and recruited friends to go check it out.

“I’ve attended some bingos and quizzes, but I don’t attend as many. This event just sounded interesting, and I love skating and the 70s theme, so I decided to go out,” Herring said.

That sentiment was echoed by Andy Perino, a freshman at the College of Arts and Sciences, who found the promise of roller skating and breakfast foods too promising to pass up.

“I only went to bingo with Late Night Marquette, so I wasn’t expecting this kind of [event] to offer here. But it’s really cool. I was just coming with friends, just sort of a night out, just hanging out, finding something to do,” Perino said.

The event was sure to be a success and rewarding in providing greater exposure to the late night functions. For news on upcoming events, students can sign up for the newsletter on the Marquette website under Office and Engagement and Inclusion, or follow the organization on Instagram using the handle @latenightmu for updates and updates. Additional Information.

This story was written by Fiona Flowers. She can be contacted at [email protected]

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