Annapurna Reveals Thirsty Suitors, Skating & Dating Action RPG

Today, the creators of Falcon Age and publisher Annapurna unveiled an all-new RPG called Thirsty Suitors, a story-driven adventure about navigating a messy past, balancing family expectations and a love life, and look very cool while skating in town.

Thirsty Suitors follows Jala, a young woman who returns home for her sister’s wedding and must grapple with her messy past, including breakups, her immigrant parents’ high expectations of her, and her grandmother’s determination to send. pretending after pretending hoping to make a match.

Along with skateboarding in her hometown in a Jet Set Radio-esque vibe, Jala will also complete cooking challenges and fend off suitors who follow her with a turn-based combat that seems to involve a lot more flirting than throwing. literal punches.

“Our mission at Outerloop Games is to create games that are accessible to under-represented cultures, and Thirsty Suitors will give players a glimpse of the personal experiences of our teams growing up, which could be very different from what the players themselves have. lived, ”said Outerloop Games co-founder and game director Thirsty Suitors Chandana Ekanayake.

First screenshots of thirsty suitors

Thirsty Suitors is coming out “soon” and has no release date or platform announced yet. We got a few more details on this at the Annapurna Showcase earlier this year, when it was revealed that 80 Day Writer Meg Jayanth was working on Thirsty Suitors alongside lead programmer Justin Ekanayake. Lalone and host Aung Zaw Oo. We reviewed Outer Loop’s previous game, Falcon Age, in 2019, finding it was a charming adventure that made us care more about a virtual pet than we thought.

Rebekah Valentine is a reporter for IGN. You can find her on Twitter @duckvalentine.

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