Astro Skate in Ormond Beach holds its first speed competition


Children participate in the speed competition. Courtesy photo

Ormond Beach’s Astro Skate held a speed competition on Nov. 21, marking the event as the city’s first since the 1970s, according to the rink.

“It was an exciting and fun event and we thank you all for your efforts and participation,” the company wrote on its Facebook page.

The roller skating rink, located at 250 NUS 1, offers beginner speed skating lessons every Wednesday. Call 386-672-8500.

Speed ​​skaters show their skills on the ice rink. Courtesy photo

Badge of honor

Justin Alley of the US Coast Guard recently rose to the rank of Senior Chief on November 29, the highest rank available to enlisted members.

According to an announcement, less than 1% of enlisted Coast Guard personnel achieve this rank. Alley is the officer in charge of the Coast Guard station at Ponce Inlet, which covers the waters as far as St. Augustine, and is responsible for a crew of 28. He is classified as a shunting master, specializing in

Caley Falknor Hayes and Justin Alley. Courtesy photo

the operation and command of large ships and small boats to carry out the primary search and rescue missions of the Coast Guard, as well as the enforcement of federal law on local waters.

Previously, Alley received three Coast Guard Commendation Medals, two Coast Guard Honor Medals, two Commanding Officer’s Letters of Accommodation, among other personal and service awards. She is a permanent cutter with nine years of time at sea.

Alley has two children, Jackson and Jaycee, and three attend Salty Church. Alley was also recently engaged to Caley Falknor Hayes of Ormond Beach. The two are planning to get married at Bailey Riverbridge Gardens.

Justin Alley’s badge is pinned down by his children, Jackson and Jaycee. Courtesy photo

Subsidy for houses

On Friday, December 3, Homes Bring Hope announced that JPMorgan Chase had awarded a grant of $ 100,000 in support of the nonprofit agency’s mission.

According to a press release, Homes Bring Hope – founded by Forough Hosseini, senior vice president of ICI Homes and longtime philanthropist – aims to “help people break the cycle of generational poverty through property and home equity ”.

Shayla Howell and her sons. Courtesy photo

“It’s wonderful to have the support of JPMorgan Chase in our efforts to help people move from paying rent to beneficial ownership of a home and building equity, which economists say , is a major factor in overcoming poverty, ”said Hosseini. “This grant will allow us to help up to 15 families who do not qualify for a mortgage amount equal to the full cost of the house they wish to buy. It will transform lives. This will have a major effect on our community and will lay the groundwork to help many more families in the years to come. “

Shayla Howell and her sons became the proud owners of their first home thanks to Homes Bring Hope. She is the first of the association’s clients to receive the JPMorgan Chase grant.

Homes Bring Hope is a collaboration of business leaders, community advocates, elected officials and philanthropists. For more information visit


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