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The new Albury Skate Park has been ranked among Australia’s best by a world champion in the sport. Australian vertical skate star Renton Millar praised the facility after making the first official drop-in when it opened at the weekend alongside Tokyo 2020 Olympian Hayley Wilson. “Albury is sick, worth the trip for a weekend,” he shared on Instagram. “Fun times to skate on the new demo of the Albury City Council Skate Park. Border skating coach Al Taylor, who has an indoor facility in Wodonga, has no doubts that the park is capable of hosting national events. “Renton’s comments were that it was among the best skate parks in Australia,” he said. “It’s not just a community asset, it will be an asset to Albury and attract competitions and events.” We’ve already had professional skaters from Melbourne, Canberra and Sydney to skate at the park since it opened. “Being where we are, the teams will get into a van and drive to stop in Albury.” I know the council really wants to organize events to activate the space. “We have certainly seen increased interest and the Albury skate park will only help with that.” IN OTHER NEWS: Mr Taylor said the aspect he was most happy with was the age range in the park. “There were two or three year olds on their balance bikes and skateboards up to a bunch of guys over 50,” he said. “My six-year-old son was coming at the same time as a 55-year-old man. the same at the same time. “What’s great about the design of the skate park is that we have basketball, parkour, there’s a pump track, and the park is very progressive.” There are little obstacles all along the way. deep bowl and vertical ramp, so there is something for everyone. “It brings in so many more park users, it’s not just a skate park.” Mr. Taylor said the inclusion of skateboarding in the Tokyo Olympics had further raised the profile of the sport. “One of the biggest comments I got from the Olympics, especially skating in the park, was the fact that all of these guys were hanging around the bowl and cheering each other on,” he said. “It takes some of the stigma that has been attached to skateboarding and skateparks.“ I think that was one of the most positive aspects of watching the Olympics. ”Simon Watts, Youth Events Manager at the Albury Council, was thrilled to see so many people coming to use the $ 3.6 million skate park. Our reporters work hard to provide local and up-to-date news to the community. Here’s how you can continue to access our trusted content:



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