Avs asked too many men in occupational therapy with three skaters

The Colorado Avalanche was hit by a minor bench for too many men on the ice – with just three skaters in overtime against the Nashville Predators.

Both teams changed on the fly in the middle of extra time. Referee Dean Morton whistled Colorado for having too many men on the ice.

The following are the applicable parts of Rule 74:

Players may be changed at any time during play from the players ‘bench provided that the player (s) leaving the ice is within five feet (5 ′) of their players’ bench and out of play before the change occurs. be carried out.

At the discretion of the on-ice officials, if a substitute player arrives on the ice before his teammate is within five feet (5 ‘) of the players’ bench (and
making it clear that his team has too many players on the ice), then a bench minor penalty may be assessed.

If, during a substitution, either the entering player or the retiring player plays the puck or checks or makes physical contact with an opposing player while both players involved in the substitution are on ice, then the offense of “Too many men on the ice” will be called.

A player coming onto the ice as a substitute player is considered to be on the ice once both of his skates are on the ice.

Colorado was in possession of the puck and Mikko Rantanen placed it in the attacking zone on the change.

The other Avalanche players were all within five feet of the bench. Linesman David Brisebois, trying to avoid play, was on the dasher at the Colorado bench with his skates off the ice. He had a wonderful view of the line change. At no time did it appear that four Avs skaters had their skates on the ice.

Nashville, on the other hand, had five players on the ice by the time the whistle sounded. This was a legal line change, as the Predators players involved were not in the game and, like the Avs, were all within five feet of the bench.

Even the official scorer only noted three Colorado skaters on the ice at the time of the penalty, with Nathan MacKinnon on top of the boards as Rantanen played the puck. Oddly enough, the official scorer noted that four Predators skaters were on the ice when the whistle sounded.

It was the second minor penalty of the game against the Avalanche for Too Many Men on the Ice. Linesman Tyson Baker caught up to Colorado with six skaters with 1:53 left in the third period, tied at 4-4.

Nashville won the game in overtime, with former Av Matt Duchene scoring in the power play that followed.

The referees for the match were Dean Morton (# 36) and Tom Chmielewski (# 18). The linesmen were Tyson Baker (# 88) and David Brisebois (# 96).

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