Best roller skates for beginners wishing to try skating in 2021

You may have noticed that roller skating has become an extremely popular pastime during the pandemic. It offered a relatively safe way to be active and get out of the house. Now that the United States has opened up more, we don’t all rush to find hobbies at the same pace as before, but maybe a part of you is still thinking about investing in a pair of roller skates. wheels and trying out the activity.

Why should you buy roller skates

Roller skating is a fun way to exercise that isn’t like exercising. If running makes you wonder why you were born, skating is a great low impact alternative. After about an hour of skating, you will feel burns in your legs and glutes.

Besides being a form of exercise, roller skating is just a fun pastime to have. You can explore some pretty parks in your area, discover skate parks, learn tricks and really make them your own. And even if you are a beginner, you might fall in love with roller skating and become one of those people who build their own pair of roller skates and can do all kinds of fancy tricks. Plus, you can get great content for TikTok regardless of your skill level.

You can also find community through skating, both in person and online. You might meet other people rollerblading at local spots, and you can always turn to Reddit where there is both a roller skate subreddit and inline skate subreddit.

Quad skates vs inline skates

Four-wheeled skates are what you traditionally imagine when you think of roller skates. They have four wheels (hence, quad) that sit in two rows of two. Inline skates are more commonly referred to as inline skates and have a single row of wheels in the middle of the skate.

The arrangement of the wheels on the quad skates gives them more stability, making them perfect for beginners who have balance issues. They are also best for dancing, tricks, and roller derby when you get more experienced. To brake on quad skates, you put your weight in front of your foot and lean forward on a toe stop. Four-wheel skates are more customizable than inline skates – you can swap out the trucks, wheels, and stops to create a roller skate that works best with your feet and skills.

Inline skates are easier to maneuver around obstacles quickly and are better for speed. They have similar vibrations to ice skates, but bigger and with wheels. The brakes on the inline skates are at the rear and usually only appear on the right skate, so it’s a bit difficult to stop if you’re new to practicing. (I have been rollerblading for over a year and still brake by grabbing onto poles or hitting a fence or railing.) Inline skates are best for long distance skating and skating. quickly. Standing still on a pair of inline skates takes some skill, but you’ll be moving and grooving most of the time anyway, so don’t let that put you off. Beginners can still master inline skates quite easily.

Whichever type of roller skate you choose, remember to wear protective gear like knee pads, elbow pads, wrist guards, and a helmet. You might feel confident – a little arrogant even – that you’re going to be a pro from the start, but trips and falls do happen.

What makes roller skates good for beginners?

A good beginner skate is comfortable with good ankle support. A new hobby that gives you blisters probably isn’t one you’ll be happy to continue. Look for padded boots with padded tabs and make sure the skates are laced all the way up, so they stay snug against your legs to avoid shaky ankles.

As a beginner, you don’t want a skate that will take too much care or effort. Changing bearings and trucks is probably not on your to-do list. And it’s annoying if you have to swap out the wheels for a set better suited to your needs – like if you want to skate indoors or outdoors. You want a pair of roller skates that you can just put on and start skating.

Indoor skates vs outdoor skates

What makes a skate good for indoor skating or outdoor skating depends on the wheels. It might seem a bit complicated for beginners who don’t care about all the technical intricacies of roller skating, but the hardness of the wheel determines how the skates roll on different surfaces.

Wheel hardness is measured by the wheel durometer, with the average durometer for skate wheels ranging between 72A and 102A. All you need to take away from this is that lower numbers are better for the exterior because the wheels are softer and absorb more shock – say, if you’re rolling over a rock or something. Higher numbers are better for smooth indoor or outdoor surfaces with good traction because they are not as absorbent and allow you to go faster. Anything around 78A to 82A works for both indoor and outdoor use, giving you options if you’re trying to figure out what kind of terrain you prefer.

If you use your skates outdoors and want to use them on an indoor rink, make sure they allow the skates outdoors. Some rinks do not, as there might be debris or rocks in your wheels that could scratch the ground.

What Size Roller Skates Should You Buy?

The size of roller skates is usually the same as your regular shoes. Be sure to look at the size chart which will likely be on the skate listing page to be sure, as sometimes sizes are only listed for men or only women and it may not be clear what it is. ‘acts.

In terms of fit, you want the skates to be snug – but obviously not too tight that your big toe is stuffed. Loose skates can lead to rolled ankles, and it’s probably safe to assume you don’t want to. If your skates come in too loose, simply wear several pairs of thick socks to pad them. And a (semi) pro tip: wear high socks with high skates to avoid any uncomfortable friction on your ankles, at least when you break the skates.

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