Best Ways to Find Every Secret Skate Tap in Limgrave

If you don’t know how to find every secret skate tap in Limgrave, Elden Ring, then this guide is for you. Elden Ring has the Limgrave area, which is the first area in the game. It’s likely to overwhelm you right away. We will explore the outside world to find treasures off the beaten path while venturing into uncharted territory.

Here is the Elden Ring step by step guide that you will discover The hidden treasures of Limgrave and dungeons. As this is the first zone, we have chosen to provide you with some tips on what to expect in the following zones as you progress. In fact, many players are still looking for Limgrave, the first accessible section on the Elden Ring map, for every last piece of hidden skate tape.

Locations to find every Secret Skate Tap in Limgrave:

Without wasting time, it’s time to talk about where to find the Secret Skate Tap in Limgrave.

Elleh’s Church

While many of us will discover this trader and/or place of grace during our initial investigation of the area, closer inspection reveals the first hidden skate strip accessible to players once the adventure begins. Look directly above Kalé the Merchant, after you finish talking to him. The spinning strip will beckon you, but it will be difficult to climb that high at first.

Many gamers mistakenly believe that they can just switch on and come back later; however, the tape can be retrieved now. You need to speed up your board (which can be tricky on the grassy slopes of Limgrave) and grind Kalé’s musical instrument. When you get to the finish, ollie off hits a wall plant and you’ll be sent back where you came from. You’ll barely get the hidden tape if you time it perfectly.

the Foundry

At the foundry in the game, veer right from the foundry entrance and use the jump to land on the factory catwalks. Follow this path to a large glass area. Hit the glass and break it, after which you can grind on the I-beam until the Secret Tape is collected.

Portal in front

At the start of the Elden Ring game, the front sector of the gate is one of the busiest. It’s a location you can expect to visit multiple times in your first 15 hours of play due to its central location and manageable opponents. However, the secret skate gang is so well disguised in this level that you’d be excused if you didn’t know it was in this section.

To make moving easier, you’ll need to take down some of the patrolling guards first. To avoid alerting the rest of the opponents, sneak up on those left in one spot and take them out with the quietest assault on your board. Then there are guards and officers.

They won’t be able to reach your character on foot, but they will quickly pull out their weapons. Use the vanishing smoke bombs you got from Chad Muska in the Murkwater cave here to chase the police away. If you haven’t already, you’ll need to meet them one-on-one, which is doable but time-consuming.

When the area is clean, you’ll see that the abandoned donut shop where the cops were hanging out has a broken window on one side. Get a good vantage point and ollie into the broken window.

In addition to the Hidden Skate Strip, you can get Forge Stones and a Talisman at this point, which provides an additional location for a unique ride directly inside the chamber you’ll land in.

Failed Cemetery in Limgrave

You’ll locate a graveyard to the north after helping the worried old woman find her vehicle keys. You’ll need to grind and transfer all eight coffins in a single combination to earn one of Limgrave’s toughest records. When you do, the ground rumbles and a phoenix-like bone staircase rises from the earth, reaching the dead sky above. Besides that, there is a secret tape.

As you near the end of the Elden Ring tale; you will find that an important part of your map is still missing. There’s a road from Lyndell, Royal Capital, and even a map stele, but no obvious route to get there. You can browse the location to unlock new areas and find great loot. You may be able to find new weapons in this part of the map.


It was a discussion about how to find every secret skate tap in Limgrave when playing the Elden Ring game. This can be tricky for beginners; but through this guide; it is possible to obtain a direct route or access to each of the bands. For more details on Secret Bands, Elden Ring guides; quests, and other info, you can leave your comments on our site.

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