Bishop’s Castle Skate Park Bench in Memory of Gordon

Pat Wainwright with Josh Lewis, 12, Jordan Rackham 17, Rowan Williams-Howells, 12 and Martha Lewis, 16

Pat and Gordon Wainwright walked past Bishop’s Castle skatepark every day, chatting with the kids and enjoying the walk in the park.

After her husband passed away, Pat approached city council to set up a memorial bench so that she could continue to see the children and her husband could be remembered at her favorite place.

Gordon passed away in 2016, and Pat wanted to think of something to remember him in the skate park they would pass by and where they would chat with the kids and watch them do tricks.

Pat Wainwright at the memorial bench set up for her husband Gordon, with their dog, Katie

After getting permission from Bishop’s Castle City Council, Pat purchased a bench that would remind her of her husband in their favorite spot and also provide the kids who use the skate park with a place to sit.

“The kids had nowhere to sit and I wanted to put a memorial to my husband somewhere”, she explained. “I was walking around and thought a bench might do the trick.

“I asked the municipal council for permission, they approved and then I got pictures of possible benches to show the young people and they could then choose.”

The bench, made from recycled plastic, was set up at a small celebration with Pat, some of the kids who use the skate park and councilor Andy Stelman.

Pat Wainwright of Bishops Castle set up a memorial bench in the skate park where she walked with her husband, Gordon. In the picture L> R: Josh Lewis 12, Rowan Williams-Howells 12 (front), Jordan Rackham 17, Martha Lewis 16 and Pat Wainwright

Pat added: “It couldn’t have been a better thing in the end. My husband loved the park and thought we were really lucky to have it in a small town like this.

“We loved talking to the kids and watching them play and everyone loves our dog, Katie. It couldn’t have been better.

“We found a company that makes recycled benches from plastic and it’s really handy and doesn’t require a lot of maintenance. What is it for, they can sit on it and even skate on it because it’s so hard.

“We included the dog on the plate because he liked it very much. The plaque reads: ‘To celebrate Gordon’s life, this bench is donated by his family and dog, Katie’.

Pat Wainwright with the memorial bench installed for her husband Gordon

“Everything is really charming. I asked the kids what they thought and they said they were overjoyed. They said when they’re skateboarding and it’s raining the ramps get wet and they have to sit in the water but now they can use The Bench.

“I just wanted it to be something that meant a lot to both of us.”

Councilor Stelman, who also helps run the town’s food bank, said it was a great idea.

“Pat ordered the bench and a plaque for it which has now been installed and we wanted to have a little grand opening for it”, did he declare.

“Gordon passed away about six years ago and she continued to walk and chat. They had a lot of fun walking around the park and talking to the kids there.”

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