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BOONE – After years of campaigning, fundraising and waiting, High Country skateboarders are set to have a skate park in Boone as construction on Phase 1 of the Boone Greenway Skatepark began on the 13th. September.

Recess Skate and Snow owner JP Pardy, one of the organizers who spearheaded the project, said in May that the roughly $ 150,000 raised at this point will cover the first of three phases of the park. He added that when Phase 1 is complete, having this space will only be a benefit for future fundraising goals.

“It’s pretty epic,” Pardy said. “It definitely comes full circle, all efforts. It’s surreal to stand up there and watch it all fall apart. We are very excited.

Construction is handled by Artisan Skateparks, a Kitty Hawk-based company that has been building skateparks across the country for over 25 years. When funding was high enough for construction to begin, Artisan was in the process of completing another project in Richmond, Va., And Pardy said the start time was “pretty much on schedule.”

“As for the completion, I think the build itself is going to take a few months,” Pardy said. “We are working with the city to understand the shift. It is one thing that the project is finished and it is another that the project is ready to open.

Pardy said after construction there will have to be some cleanup, landscaping, signage and other things going around the project before it can be truly open.

“Hopefully we will have a pretty quick time between the end and the opening,” Pardy said. “The plan is to do it as soon as possible. “

Pardy added that it was difficult to get an estimate on a timeline due to so many of those things that were slipping through her. Another issue they will need to watch out for is that it should start to get colder towards the end of the project.

“We’re going to use it anyway, for sure,” Pardy said. “If you’re going to skate, you’re going to skate no matter what. He will get used to it. You know, I probably don’t want to be there all 10 degree days, but I’m sure there will be people there.

Watauga County has run out of place to skate since Boone’s do-it-yourself skatepark on the former Watauga High School property was purchased by Appalachian State University in 2017. Pardy previously said that giving people a place to skate would be a benefit to the county. overall, since people move outside of the region if they want to skate in a park.

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