Bronx skate park mimics swimming pool after storm

NEW YORK – There was swimming instead of skating at the Williamsbridge Oval Skate Park on Friday night.

“I used to do tricks, but now they look like a lake so I can’t really scooter,” complains rGarry Winthorpe, a regular scooter rider at the park.

Heavy rains from thunderstorms on Thursday and Tropical Storm Elsa that swept through the region on Friday morning left several inches of rainwater in the bowl of the skate park.

Many skateboarders and scooter riders have been disappointed that the accumulated water prevented them from entering their training time.

“It looks like an ocean, a lake, like you come to a pier and look over and see the green water,” said skater Arianna Castillo.

What would you like to know

  • Williamsbridge Oval Skate Park was almost filled to the brim inundated with rainwater
  • Skate park regulars say water doesn’t normally pool after heavy rains
  • The parks service said it was working on cleaning up the water and plans to fix the issue in the next few days.

Skate park regulars say they’ve never seen it flood like this before. Normally after heavy rains there are only a few puddles that dry up on their own and the park is never unusable due to flooding.

The closure shocked many people who waited over a decade for the skate park to open.

“There are tons of skateboarders coming in every day, and bikers and scooters and, yeah, where are they going to go now?” asked Al Lugo, who regularly comes to the park with his son.

The city’s parks department said it is working to remove the accumulated water and plans to fix the issues in the coming days.

“I saw a lot of similar flooding all over New York City, and it was really bad and I noticed it had a major impact on the Bronx and Harlem community,” Castillo said. “It’s very, very sad because I feel like it’s kind of linked to climate change and it’s quite shocking to see that.”

The parks service said it cordoned off the area for safety reasons, but that didn’t stop people from swimming:


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