Business owners change rules after fight at teen night out

MT. MORRIS, Mich. (WNEM) – The owners of Skateland Arena in Mt. Morris are upset over the latest of multiple fights in their business.

“That, I think, puts a scar on our family name. We have been in business in this field for over 60 years. And people coming in, like that, it ruins a lot of people’s lives,” co-owner Dianne McChesney said.

McChesney is worried and upset after a fight Saturday night during a teenage night out at the roller rink.

“It’s very, very personal to me and my family. My brother and I own it. My mom works here with us. Our kids are here. Our, our employees are, our employees are our family,” McChesney said.

McChesney is the third generation to own and operate the business. She said the rumors spread quickly.

“You know, in a short time Saturday night, there were eight shootings in the Flint area. And actually, people were saying that about us, and I want to repeat it, there were no guns , we check them with a metal detector, we check their bags. Absolutely no weapons are allowed here. There were no shootings here,” McChesney said.

Children from 13 to 19 years old fought in the fist.

“Unfortunately, kids are jumping on tables, railings and tables to pull out their phones and take videos of them because that’s what kids think is funny now,” McChesney said.

After Saturday’s fight and all the gun violence in Genesee County this weekend, Skateland Arena wanted to make sure everyone felt safe. They are now changing the rules regarding children at the rink.

Children under 18 must have a legal guardian with them at all times and there will be no further deposit.

Teen night is canceled until further notice.

“We don’t want kids here who just want to come in and fight and cause trouble and hang around. We are looking for families to come back and skate,” McChesney said.

McChesney said some people have already canceled their birthday parties at the arena.

“It’s one of the only places left in the flint region for these children. Where we’re trying to have a safe family entertainment venue and unfortunately rotten eggs have ruined it for a lot of people,” McChesney said.

The rink will still be open on Wednesdays, Fridays and weekends. Tickets available on their website.

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