Central Skate Shop opens in Benson

OMAHA, Neb. (WOWT) – Skating is more than just a sport, it can be a way of life for many. Skateparks are starting to pop up, and now a fully dedicated store has opened in Benson.

Central Skate Shop opened on Saturday. They wasted no time getting the skateboards out.

The is located in Benson. Inside the store you will only find products dedicated to everything related to skateboarding.

But for owners Blake Harris and Jeff Fowler, it’s not just about selling products.

“You don’t open a skate shop to get rich,” Blake said. “You open a skate shop because you love skateboarding and want to support the skate community.”

The community was the driving force behind Blake and Jeff opening a store.

“Whether it’s through events, doing really cool events, like this, so we’ve built this mobile skate park and will be doing more events like this, centered around the skate culture of base in Omaha, making sure it’s well known,” Jeff said. .

An art exhibit, skating and cash for tricks fill the grand opening. Events like this are something you can expect to see every month at Central Skate Shop.

The owners say they are thrilled and grateful to be in such a vibrant and historic part of Benson.

“One of our goals when starting this shop was definitely to tie into everything Benson does and make sure the shop is part of everything Benson has to offer.”

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