Charlottesville Skate Park raises money for nighttime lighting

CHARLOTTESVILLE, Virginia (WVIR) – Charlottesville Skate Park is currently only open during the day, but its hours of operation will soon be extended.

The Charlottesville Skate Park advisory committee is working on installing lights for nighttime use. The Lights were originally cited for $ 300,000. While the folks who work at Charlottesville Parks and Recreation are hoping the price might drop, this is their ultimate fundraising goal.

They are approaching their goal, with over $ 230,000 raised.

“This happened in large part thanks to the efforts of organizations and friends of the skate park, the rock the lights campaign and companies like Cinema and Charlottesville skate shops,” said Andrew Shurtleff, an advocate. from the skate park.

The Perry and Bama Works foundations matched donations until October 1, but fundraising continues.

“The skate park actively raised funds because the budget lights were turned off to complete the skate park,” said Matt Moffett, director of Parks & Recreation Skate Park.

Moffett says people travel from state to state to skate, and once the lighting is done, he expects even more visitors.

Itinerant skater Michael Garrett says he thinks Charlottesville Skate Park is one of the best on the East Coast.

“I think the lighting would make it even better. Parents can also bring small children. So overall I think it would be a big benefit for the city, ”he said.

The extension of hours at the park will be useful during the winter, which is their peak season. “Night sessions look really cool to record,” said skater Marcus Beauford.

Regular skaters look forward to the changes.

“I’m glad we have lights. I am delighted to be able to skate after work – at night – and whenever it’s dark, ”said skater Luka Elking.

If you would like to donate for the lighting of the skate park, click on here.

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