City council member discusses potential skate park in Meridian

MERIDIAN, Miss. (WTOK) – Many teens will find places where they can skateboard without a police officer telling them to leave because they are on private or public property.

A city council member aims to give all skaters a place to call home by building a potential skating park in Meridian. Newscenter 11 spoke with skaters about this proposed idea for the queen city.

Jaywaun Johnson, 23, has skated his entire life. He loves the art of skating. He even spent six years discussing with community leaders the possibility of making Meridian a skating park.

“I have had the chance to speak with members of the board as well as with members of the board of directors. I even got a mockup of what a potential skate park could be like here. We were waiting for news on anything. Days turned into weeks, weeks into months, and months into years. We never got anything from there, ”said local Jaywaun Johnson.

Johnson never gave up hope. He finally received some good news that he had been waiting for more than six years.

“After pleading for so long, I’m finally happy to hear someone do something about this,” Johnson said.

The person who aims to make this park possible is Ward 5 Councilor Ty Bell Lindsey.

She made a statement saying she was exploring the possibilities of a skatepark in Meridian.

We spoke with other skaters who are also excited about the proposed idea.

“I really hope it passes. It’s really hard to skate here. The roads are rough. It’s hard to find a good place for people to have fun as well as what they would like to do. The place we can go is MUMS. You have a community but no place to make art. Hopefully this will pass, ”said Tristen Searbrugh.

Lindsey said she would like the potential park to exceed 10,000 square feet.

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