Colorado Avalanche: Erik Johnson – Bo Byram Ideal Tandem

A Colorado Avalanche defensive team from Erik Johnson and Bowen Byram could be ideal for the team at the start of the new season.

The Colorado Avalanche finally recovers its captain from the blue line. After missing all but four games last season with concussion issues, Erik Johnson is set to return to alignment.

He said that it was “frustrating” that the recovery had taken so long, but that he is feeling well now. Indeed, he participated fully in the activities of the training camp.

In fact, Johnson, the longest-serving member of the Avs and a bona fide veteran, skated with one of the exciting youngsters – Bo Byram. Byram, 20, returns after a long absence from his own injury – a concussion as well.

Byram is known for his dynamic skating style. Johnson compares him to great defensive player Scott Niedermeyer, who he played against early in his career. He added:

“The sky is the limit for [Byram]. He sort of experienced his own injury issues last year. He skates like [Scott] Niedermayer did it when I played against Scott a few years ago before he retired. It will only get better and if I can help speed up this process I will be happy to do it…. What was once kind of a weak spot for our organization on the back end is now probably one of our strengths. “

And this is where we come to the ideal nature of the Johnson-Byram couple (besides the obvious nickname “BoJo”). Johnson and Byram have similar early histories (you’d expect a 20-year-old to have). They were both drafted very high in the draft – first overall for Johnson, fourth overall for Byram. They both turned pro young and both suffered a big injury early in their careers.

These similarities make Johnson the perfect mentor for Byram. Johnson excels in this role, which is why I call him the captain of the blue line. He can help Byram learn to settle down if necessary and choose his battles.

There should be no worries that the oldest statesman on the team is following the young brandon. Byram is a fast skater. He is so sweet:

Well, Johnson earned the nickname “Condor” because of his own skating prowess. Her legs are fair So long. His skating is just as smooth as Byram’s. And that long stride eats a lot of ice cream at a deceptive rate.

Plus, Johnson is a good person to know when to jump into the room. Still, his large body and keen hockey sense can keep him in defensive mode in case the offensive-minded Byram does launch into the attack.

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So early in the season, when the preseason hasn’t even started yet, no one knows who will be paired with whom. With Devon toews with a shoulder injury, we can’t even know who’s going to partner up Makar wedge on the top pairing. However, it’s likely the Colorado Avalanche coaching staff will at least try to make the bet in a preseason game to see how that might work in the regular season.

Either way, it’s good to reunite with Johnson and Byram with the Colorado Avalanche.

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