Colton Teen aspiring pro skateboarder and friend shot and killed, leading to accident – ​​NBC Los Angeles

Two teenagers were killed after being shot, leading to a violent car crash in Colton on Thursday.

“Jacob was one of the nicest of them all. He was the one with the biggest heart. He was the one who rolled around with all the nieces and nephews on the floor at family barbecues,” Stephanie Tejeda said. “He was a very good boy.”

Stephanie Tejeda remembers her cousin Jacob Rueda.

Jacob was a 19-year-old skateboarder who dreamed of making it big in the skateboarding world.

“He wanted to be a pro skateboarder. He was proud to be sponsored by local skate companies. He loved doing tricks and filming himself,” Tejeda said.

Early Thursday morning at around 12:20 p.m., family members said Jacob Rueda and an 18-year-old friend were hanging out in a neighborhood in Colton when someone attacked them.

Colton police say the assailant shot Jacob.

It appears that Jacob tried to start, but his car eventually slammed into the back of another car. Sadly, Jacob died at the scene. His friend was also killed by the gunshots.

Tejeda said the two teenagers grew up together.

“Her boyfriend lives here in the neighborhood. We also grew up here in this neighborhood in Colton,” Tejeda said.
“And I don’t think anyone would think that someone would come and murder them like that.”

Investigators say they have no motive for the shooting and have not found a suspect.

They’re hoping to find surveillance video along South Pine Street that might help identify the shooter.

“Anyone who has seen something, knows about anything, call our main line or use our social media platforms and send us a direct message,” Lt. Ray Mendez said.

Jacob’s family members are demanding that witnesses come forward and identify the shooter or they say this community will not be safe.

“It’s devastating and as a community it’s tough because they’re our two children. They’re our two teenagers but it could be two more. What other two is it going to be next?” said Tejeda.

Stephanie also says her family needs closure so they can try to heal the deep heartache they have over losing Jacob.

“I know he will be at peace. I know his spirit is going to be set free because his heart was very pure,” Tejeda said.

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