Cop slaps boy for skateboarding in Delhi’s Safdarjung enclave, faces disciplinary action

An argument between a group of boys and a policeman over skateboarding in the south-west Delhi enclave of Safdarjung on Friday escalated after the latter allegedly slapped one of them .
A video circulating on social media shows the policeman slapping a boy while arguing with him. Police said disciplinary action had been taken against the officer, Ajeet Singh, for his conduct.

According to the police, complaints have been received about some boys skateboarding and creating a nuisance at the B6 market in the Safdarjung enclave. Police said residents were disturbed by this, with one person even injured, and staff were ordered to stop the skateboard.

Police said the officer in question was on duty on Friday and had asked the boys not to skateboard in the area as it was dangerous for residents. This escalated into an argument, after which he slapped one of the boys.

Manoj C, DCP (South West), said: “The boys started arguing with the constable. He slapped one of the boys in order to control them. Disciplinary action was taken against the constable for his conduct.

Delhi Police also said in a tweet: ‘We have become aware of an incident of police officer misconduct with an underage boy in Safdarjung enclave. The officials concerned were asked to establish the facts and take the appropriate measures. »

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