Councilor opens discussion on Bournemouth Ice Rink

WOULD YOU LIKE to see a new indoor ice rink in the Bournemouth, Christchurch and Poole area?

That’s the question asked by the deputy head of the BCP Council, who wants to know what locals think of the idea – as well as where it could be located.

Councilor Philip Broadhead asked over 1,000 people on Twitter and Facebook what they think of an indoor rink.

He asked: “Does the Bournemouth, Christchurch and Poole area need a new indoor ice rink?

“If so, where would you like to see it? ”

The posts received a lot of attention, many subscribers sent their thoughts and suggestions.

One respondent said: “I wonder if some of the redundant retail space (maybe in one of the malls or old department stores) could be reused.”

Another suggested a location next to Poole Station for easy access.

Cllr Broadhead told The Daily Echo: “This is something that has been talked about for years. In fact, I was blown away by the response, it seems like an idea that carries weight as there is certainly a desire from the locals.

“There is no plan at the moment, but I just wanted to open the discussion to hear people’s views. I am always shocked at how crowded the two winter ice rinks at Bournemouth Gardens and BIC are during Christmas time.

He added: “Of course these are only seasonal recreation offerings, if we were to bring a new permanent indoor ice rink to the city, it should be more sustainable, maybe as a sporting offer for the sports teams. ice hockey and figure skaters – that would be great.

“These are growing sports and my interest certainly increased after watching the Mighty Ducks TV series with my kids. But I certainly don’t know the best and that’s why I wanted to get people’s opinions on this.

Bournemouth previously had a popular ice rink which closed 30 years ago. The Westover Road Ice Rink closed in 1991 after the owners said it had become unviable. Despite petitions, protests and a deputation to council, it closed.

Bournemouth Echo: Lots of tears for Bournemouth Ice Rink supporters seen here the last night before the ice rink closed, 1991 ...

Cllr Broadhead said: “A lot of people just want us to bring back what we once had. We must remember, however, that these ultimately did not work. If this were to happen, it would require a significant investment and should be used as regularly as possible. ”

In terms of potential location, Cllr Broadhead said: “Kings Park is very central and Christchurch is accessible from the east and west, with some old industrial areas around as possible locations.

“I would love to see one and my kids would love to see one too. But you have to start the discussion and I hope it has been done.

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