Curious Photographer: Thoughts on the ideal location for a new swimming pool in Norwood/Bedford Park


Photo by David Greene

This week, given overcrowding at the Van Cortlandt Pool amid the continued citywide shortage of lifeguards, we asked readers where they think a new public pool should be built in Norwood or Bedford Park.

“I think the neighborhood needs a swimming pool. It would be a good investment, a good addition to the neighborhood, and all the kids could come and play and stuff. Most likely [Williamsbridge] Oval Park would be the best as that’s where we usually go. I remember the Oval had a pool at the time, but I was too small to go there at the time. It was 10 or 15 years ago; they had a swimming pool a long time ago. Now there is a skatepark and basketball courts and a small court. I would use the pool, most definitely.

Mahin Haque,


Photo by David Greene

“Don’t they have one over there in Van Cortlandt [Park]? All right, we need one this side of the Bronx. Maybe they could put it near Yankee Stadium? Around? It’s a good spot here, on this side of Van Cortlandt Park, near Mosholu Parkway. The Kingsbridge Armory is a good place too, yeah. Oh yes, I would. Today I’m fine, but tomorrow is another day.

Michael Perez,

Bedford Park

Photo by David Greene

“Planet Fitness is here, so the pool should be somewhere along the [Poe] Park there, yeah, Kingsbridge Park, here. Yes, I would come here, I love this area. I would love to move here if I could find accommodation. I mean Fordham is one of the best places here to be honest. There aren’t too many pools in this area.

Amine Idris,

South Bronx

Photo by David Greene

“Yeah, I live nearby and I think it needs a pool. Where would I put it? I’d put it lower like [East] 198th, over there. I tell you where they must put it; they should put it right over there by the Family Dollar near Fordham Plaza. That’s where they should put it. Kingsbridge Armory might be nice, but it’s a bit too far for me. You have to put it somewhere in the middle but here along Fordham is the busiest area all day 24/7 so it would be nice to have a pool in that area. I would support the plan; it is an excellent idea.

Michael Hale,

Fordham Mansion

Photo by David Greene

“I would love to have a swimming pool in one of our larger green spaces/parks, but they are either connected to another organization or there is already too much going on there. Kingsbridge Armory has passed away and I think it would be a great place for a pool, we don’t really have an aquatic center in the Bronx, and it would be a good place with all the trains and buses around it, so parking would not be a big problem.

Gonzalo Durán,

East Crotone Park

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