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The long-awaited Olympic Games will take place again, but this year they will have an unexpected first, an urban sport on wheels that began to conquer the streets of every city in the world a few years ago: skateboarding.

Hip-hop culture has permeated our history since the early 1970s. One of the most important symbols of this tradition is skateboarding, and more and more cities are creating spaces to enjoy this type of event. Sports, where young people exercise their great passion and perform exciting acrobatic figures on a skateboard.

The IOC did not want to give less importance to this physical activity, so it decided to integrate it as an Olympic sport in the international competition in Tokyo. Spain has 3 participants – including a woman – Giulia Benedetti, Dani Leon and Jaime Mathieu, who passed the test during the Dew Tour event, which took place in December last year.

To learn more about this new Olympic sport, here is a list of the best-equipped spaces in the world for skateboarding or BMX training.. Places not to be missed if you are a fan of this system.


Cayman Islands

black pearl skating park

The Cayman Islands are a laid back Caribbean spot and a great destination for a relaxing vacation. Its desert beaches and landscapes are so awe-inspiring that it looks like they came out of a movie, but no one would expect, traveling the corners of the island, to find its huge park allowing skiing, and it has, for the moment, become an emblematic area of ​​the territory.

In 2005, Tony Hawk, the world’s best professional skater, decided to officially open a skate park called Black Pearl, and today it is considered the largest sports residence in the Western Hemisphere. It covers an area of ​​5,760 square meters and offers different areas of high to low difficulty, for beginners as well as for professionals. Enjoy the tubes, ladders or bowls that many famous skaters have enjoyed.

It also sets it apart from any other country skate park The blue wave pool, where you can try your hand at surfing or relax after an exhausting effort.


Asturias, Spain

skate church

Amateurs of Catholics and skateboarding? Do not hesitate to visit one of the most original places in the world. Skate Church, located in the town of Llanera -Asturias- has become a temple for ski enthusiasts. In 2007, businessman Ernesto Fernandez bought the Church of Santa Barbara after it had been abandoned for many years, and the young Asturian decided to rebuild it, but made it a suitable space for what he was passionate about skateboarding.

It is not only an original setting to be a church, but also a place for the street art touches that it gives to this urban sport. A room with a variety of stripes and colors flanking the walls was painted by artist Okuda San Miguel, who chose to leave his personal imprints on every corner of the Skateboarding Temple, attributing his work to the Kaos Temple.

Skateboard House of Vans


London, England

Truck house

London Waterloo Underground Station is special because it saves space skate park Under tunnels extending up to 30 thousand square meters. It provides the infrastructure of the place suitable for this type of urban sports such as PlateA small ramp and a parking lot Street Distributed throughout the enclosure, with different rooms with levels ranging from the least difficulty to the greatest difficulty.

In addition, a large-scale park such as the House of Vans offers other types of services besides the excellent facilities that a skateboarder, BMX enthusiast or expert can have. For example, a skating school, a movie theater, a bar and even a concert hall where world famous groups such as Metallica or Foo Fighters have performed.

BPF Skatepark


Canton, China

GMP skatepark

It is not enough that China is the most populous country in the world and has the second tallest statue, but it also has skate park The biggest in the world. tracks, ice rink, full tubes And many facilities for the figures and acrobatics of these athletes, especially with articles for beginners, because skateboarding has never been the favorite discipline of the Chinese.

The GMP has an area of ​​16,900 square meters divided into interior – 1,000 square meters – and exterior. The designer and author of this park, skateboard enthusiast Brad Shaw, chose to locate this space in a sports complex where there are facilities of all kinds, from football fields to athletics tracks, in addition to being located in ten universities for all those young people who leave the class and decide End the rest of the day there.

young skiers


Salzburg, Austria

Schuster skate villa

How comfortable it would be for skaters to be able to skate without leaving home and to practice various figures while watching television! Austrian skater Philip Schuster came up with this idea and didn’t hesitate to implement it. The Salzburg house offers ramps and plots to practice the sport in every room, and manages to transform an old abandoned fishing spot into skate park Interior, reuse of all the furniture in the house.

The impresionante originalidad e imaginación del austriaco ha provocado that esta villa is invited in uno de los espacios habilitados para este deporte más increíbles del mundo, incluso para aquellos que no les entusiasta el visit pues la patina du casa por City. They will think that the items that are built are not for professional skaters, but this is very wrong, because a confined space like a house with all its furniture creates a lot of obstacles, so the precision, ingenuity and experience are very important.

Skatepark, Venice Beach


Los Angeles, United States

Venice skatepark

Venice Beach, Los Angeles’ most famous beach, attracts many tourists and even celebrities every day. It is particularly famous for its promenade, distinctive American food stalls, bicycle rental area or a skate park One of the most exciting beaches among the sands of the beach, with an area of ​​1480 square meters, for fans of this sport.

On the beach where surfers abound, the dream of all those sportsmen who prefer to surf on land has also come true, with a surface of ballsOr the most amazing rails, stairs or slopes that no professional skier has ever shied away from using.

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In addition, for those who need to cool off in the heat of the Pacific coast, they have the chance to be a few meters from the sea and therefore be able to swim.

skate park


Malmö, Sweden


A skate park Located in the Swedish city of Malmö founded by Stefan Hauser and his company Placed To Ride completed in 2005, it has become the largest skate park in Europe. This enclosure wanted from the start to create a social center for young people while preserving the urban core.

The site is approximately 3000 square meters, ultra-modern metal sculptures for skateboarding and a series of granite benches. The city itself is so impressed with the excellent result of the place that it presents a real place of joy for big skateboard fans to perform their acrobatic tricks with the board.

Lincoln City, Oregon


Lincoln, United States

Lincoln Skatepark

“Only skateboards are allowed”, “Young people under 16 must wear a helmet”, are some of the rules they apply skate park From Lincoln, United States. A hillside space that takes advantage of landings to create slopes and items for ski pros, in addition to being incredible balls and slopes.

The park, surrounded by green spaces, has different levels including for beginners or novices and has a particular charm because it offers a path in the middle of nature. In addition, it is designed for skiers who practice and enjoy the sport on rainy days because the garden offers a small covered space in the form of a house, with a green roof camouflaged by the wonderful plants that surround the space.

Sydney Skatepark, Australia


Sydney, Australia

Bondi Skatepark

When we talk about Australia we combine it with surfing, but what the vast majority don’t know is that in the famous city of Sydney is Bondi Skatepark, an outdoor skate park created in 1991, located in a short distance from Bondi paradise. Beach.

He is considered one of the best skate parks Worldwide for its impressive facilities, it boasts an iconic 3-meter deep skating bowl and has frequently hosted major national competitions, such as Bowl-A-Ram.

Haderslev, Denmark


Haderslev, Denmark

street dome

In the south of Denmark is Haderslev, a town on the Jutland peninsula with a very interesting port to visit, especially for sports fans. It offers various urban activity parks such as the famous StreetDome, a courtyard of over 4,500 square meters where you can enjoy games for all ages and abilities.

It has an original but functional design for a Nordic country like Denmark. Architecture studios CEBRA and Glifberg-Lykke, in collaboration with athlete Morten Hansen, designed the igloo-shaped garden for indoor and outdoor exercises. The dome has floor to ceiling windows and walls intended for those who, in addition to skateboarding, are passionate about rock climbing – another new Olympic sport.

Morten designed this park with the intention of creating a cultural center that incorporates a specific space for social gatherings and great fun among young people.

More and more cities are opening spaces to practice skateboarding


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