Dutch record for speed skater Erin Schouten in Grand Prix


In Salt Lake City, Erin Schuten won the 3,000m race. Hoogkarspelse did it in a great Dutch record. She crossed the finish line of the World Cup in three minutes 52 seconds and 89 hundredths.

With this super-fast time, Scotten also came close to the world record. It was less than a second slower than the best world time (3.52.02) of Czech Republic Martina Sablikova.

“If I had said that two days ago, I would have thought, it won’t happen,” says Scott, who only arrived in the United States on Thursday. we. “I am very happy with it. It was not a good race, but that means I’m in good shape. I can do better.”

Schouten was also the best in the 3000m race in Tomaszów, Poland. Two weeks ago, the native of Andigex also won the 5,000m race at the Stavanger World Cup.

Best Scheperkamp Character

In the men’s 500 meters, Meryn Scheperkamp of Hilversum was thirteenth. However, he will look at his race with a good feeling, as with a time of 34.48 seconds North Hollander was 27 cents faster than he had ever been. The Amsterdammer Die Die Ntab finished 12th with a score of 34.47.


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