EA would reveal the new Skate 4, the new Need for Speed ​​​​and FIFA 23 in July

EA appears to be gearing up for a massive July as a new report claims the company will unveil a range of new titles during the month. According to a report by Tom Henderson via computerEA will show Skate 4, Need of speedand Fifa all in July.

Fans have been waiting for years to finally get a new one Skate game and although the first images have leaked, if this is to be true, it will be the first big Skate 4 announcement to date.

In the Need for Speed ​​department, the announcement would take place around the same time as of FIFA will be in the second half of July.

According to report from Calculator, this game will change things from the classic Need of speed formula including a character design style reminiscent of The Boondocks TV show. Although nothing has been confirmed yet, the game will be titled Need For Speed: Unbound.

As stated earlier, Fifa and EA are set to end their partnership in 2023, and as such it will likely be the last Fifa game in the style of past titles. When EA launches its own title in 2023, it will be called EA Sports FC.

At present, none of these claims have been confirmed, however, Henderson has a positive track record as an insider in the modern game.

If they are to be correct, EA fans have a big month in store.

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