Eddington rink ready to skate

The Eddington municipal ice rink was open yesterday. Yes!

It will be closed today due to warm temperatures and expected rains.

The work will continue and these hard-working ice makers and ice packers will be doing their maintenance and the rink will reopen very soon. Go ahead and plan the weekend to go skating.

For those new to the rink, they had a vision, they raised funds and the Eddington Municipal Rink is a reality. Thanks to all the hard workers and sponsors for making this possible.

The rink is located at the Eddington Municipal Office, 906 Maine Road.

And man is that something!

Courtesy of Eddington Municipal Ice Rink

So channel your inner figure skater or hockey player and plan to get out and use the rink this winter. Skating is a great family event.

Once the ice conditions improve and they expect it to be within a day or two, two-thirds of the rink will be reserved for skating, and the other third will be reserved for batting. and the washer. For those unfamiliar with the stick and puck, this is exactly what it sounds like. Take hockey. And yes, they will soon have hockey nets. He shoots. He scores!

The best plan is to check out the Eddington Ice Rink Facebook page for daily updates on ice times and conditions and other information you might need to know.

But the plan is to be open every day from 9 a.m. to 10 p.m. It will be Stick and Puck only from 7 p.m. to 10 p.m., and Saturday skating only, no Stick and Puck.

Keep in mind that times can be changed, so it’s best to check the Facebook page before you set your plans in stone.

And being a longtime pickup, stick, and puck player, let me pass on the rules (which were made with me in mind.)

  • No alcohol
  • No food or drink on the ice
  • No verification.
  • No slapping.
  • No blasphemy. Even if you fall and go boom.

Helmets are recommended, especially for young skaters.

I have a Bobby Orr sweater from his junior years before I turned pro with the Bruins. And yes his number was 2, not his familiar 4. It will be me. Do my best to remember the last rule from the list above.

And anyone interested in skating or playing hockey is reaching out, we’ll form a group. There are options everywhere for skating.

Welcome to the Eddington municipal ice rink!

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