Elderly uncle slays on ECP rink, graceful one-legged tricks leave viewers in awe

Elderly uncle shows off his skating skills at East Coast Park

While it’s easy to assume that older people are slow and weak, the reality is that many of them are in very good shape – more so than people who are half their age.

Many of them also take the term “golden age” very seriously, devoting themselves wholeheartedly to their hobbies and interests.

These activities can range from popular activities like singing to less conventional activities – for their age, at least – like roller skating, which an elderly uncle put on a spectacular show at East Coast Park (ECP).

Proving that age really is just a number, his agility and fluid movements left viewers in awe. The video of her performance also went viral on social media.

Elderly uncle demonstrates various skating moves

On Tuesday, June 21, Instagram account @sgfollowsall posted a video of an elderly uncle effortlessly strolling around an ECP rink.

He showed off a variety of impressive moves and tricks, like gliding gracefully on one leg with his arms outstretched, much like a figure skater.

Source: @sgfollowsall on Instagram

At one point, he deftly crossed his legs as he gently rounded a corner of the rink.

elderly uncle skating

Source: @sgfollowsall on Instagram

The person who took the video was clearly impressed, punctuating the clip with captions like, “Look at this uncle, come on!” and “Smooooooth like butter”.

The skating man seems at ease and totally carefree

What makes the man’s skills even more amazing is how relaxed and happy he looks while skating.

At one point, OP recorded him doing a “cute dance,” where he casually raised both hands in an almost reverent pose.

Source: @sgfollowsall on Instagram

From the ease with which Uncle pulls off his moves, it’s safe to say he’s been doing it for a while now.

Being an old person certainly didn’t prevent him from having the stamina and fitness of someone who was half or even a quarter of his age.

The clip also shows passers-by gathering around the rink to admire the man’s abilities.

Netizens applaud uncle’s professional skating

It wasn’t long before the video went viral, garnering almost 60,000 views in less than 24 hours.

Internet users were unanimous in praising the talent of the man, some even asking for his Instagram handle.

elderly uncle skating

Source: @sgfollowsall on Instagram

Another user jokingly asked her not to “steal all the ladies” with her fluid movements.

elderly uncle skating

Source: @sgfollowsall on Instagram

This commenter loved how fabulous the uncle is.

elderly uncle skating

Source: @sgfollowsall on Instagram

Its movements have also been compared to those of a booming airplane.

elderly uncle skating

Source: @sgfollowsall on Instagram

It’s good to see seniors doing what they love

It’s not every day that you see such a display of figure skating, let alone from an elderly uncle.

To see him in such good health and to be able to pursue what is clearly a great passion for him is undoubtedly very encouraging for many.

May this inspire more of us, regardless of age, to keep doing what we love and never let age get in the way.

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Featured image adapted from @sgfollowsall on Instagram.

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