EMAAR’s Dubai Ice Rink announces that its ice skating academy is back on the UAE DOOH! | INSITE OOH multimedia platform

Dubai ice rink EMAAR appears on the Dubai DOOH. Following their last appearance Along with Dubai Opera, this time EMAAR has appeared to declare the return of the Ice Skating Academy to the Dubai Ice Rink for those who are eager to learn or wish to develop their already existing skills.

Every seven weeks there are classes going on. For seven weeks, skaters will participate in one group lesson per week. Depending on the age group, skill level and ability, classes are assigned. There are 8 levels in total, starting with Beginner and ending with Freestyle. Although there is no maximum age, skaters must be at least 6 years old to take lessons. Prices for a 7 week course start at AED 899 per person.

After enrolling in the Academy, participants will receive a highly qualified coach, weekly evaluations, a final evaluation, and the opportunity to graduate and participate in a public ice dance performance. For the duration of the training, they will also receive an unlimited public admission discount to hone and polish their skating skills in their free time.

Present from September 3 to October 20, the Ice Skating Academy prepares people to face the frigid days of winter. The Dubai Ice Rink features people ice skating and rolling smoothly through the academy, inviting people to join in the fun. As a call to action, EMAAR calls on people on their website to hurry up to sign up.

The campaign appeared on digital screens in Dubai during the second week of September.

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