Focus on Hong Kong skate brand VICTORIA

Photographer and Post card co-founder Patrik Wallner partners with Hong Kong skate brand VICTORIA to create a 13-minute cutscene of the brand’s unique course and vision.

VICTORIA was founded in 2015 with the aim of connecting generations and communities across Asia. The brand is deeply rooted in skateboarding, music and art, and is inspired by ‘the juxtaposition of old / new and east / west in Hong Kong by incorporating traditional local elements and reinterpreting them from in a new and contemporary way ”.

The short follows VICTORIA co-founder Arthur Leung, whose journey began by bringing up to 30 to 40 boards at a time from SF to Hong Kong as a flight attendant, before deciding to take it. do a business. After some deliberation on what they wanted to do, Arthur and the other co-founders decided to print skate-inspired products and make their own decks. The new skateboard lines serve as a creative outlet and help to diversify different styles for the younger generation apart from the more well-known brands. A board shown in the video features artwork for the character of Brigitte Lin in Wong Kar-Wai’s iconic Hong Kong film Chung King Express.

VICTORIA often taps into the creativity of friends in the community, introducing collaborations with the designer Yat pit, and Class wrecks co-founder and DJ Mr. Ho. The film’s ending shines a light on mental health and pays homage to an old friend who played a big role in the brand’s development. The Ben Raemers Foundation was founded with the aim of “breaking down fears, improving knowledge and changing preconceptions and apprehensions regarding the stigma and taboos associated with mental health.

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