Foreigner tends to man’s shoes worth Rs 6.8 lakh while he ice skates

Stranger tends to man’s $ 9,000 shoes while he ice skates


  • Jeanel said her fiance wore his $ 9,000 (Rs 6.8 lakh) trainers to go ice skating
  • A stranger offered to take care of the expensive shoes while they went skating
  • Her fiance tried to offer money abroad but refused to accept it

When you are ice skating, you need to wear the right shoes. But a man who wore his $ 9,000 (Rs 6.8 lakh) sneakers to ice skate had to leave them with a stranger. The kind gesture was documented by the man’s partner on TikTok.

Jeanel Gauani wrote about how “nice people are always there” when posting the video online. She explained how her fiance wore her $ 9,000 (Rs 6.8 lakh) pair of Nike Jordan 1s that night and the stranger offered to watch the shoes.

“My fiance wore his 9k Jordans to hang out with him at night,” she wrote and added a facepalm emoji.

She said: “We met this man during the queue and he was kind enough to watch our shoes while we were skating. My fiance kept trying to give him money but [he] would not accept it. Nice people are always there. “

The video quickly went viral, sparking several reactions from internet users. While some shared their experiences, others appeared to be concerned about the price of the shoes.

One user said: “It literally happened to me with my son this weekend! Another wrote: “I don’t trust society enough to do this.

A third user added: “I was waiting for the ‘man stole his shoes’ part.” Someone commented, “Did 9k Jordan make them himself?” More like $ 80. Yet another asked, “Why is everyone crazy about the price of shoes?”

Jeanel wrote in the comments section: “Honestly, whenever we’re [sic] outside at least one person stops and asks how he got his shoes or how much he paid. “

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