Fredericksburg Fair Bounces Back After Last Year’s COVID-19 Shutdown | Local News

In April, fair officials also decided to eliminate the many contests traditionally held for young girls during fair week, but decided to keep only the Miss Fredericksburg Fair contest, which was held on Friday. last.

“We decided to just go with the older group to tone down the gathering in the trailer or RVs for the locker room,” Bullock said. “It was the safest way to do it than we thought at the time.”

Returning exhibitors seem delighted to be back at the city’s fairgrounds after missing the event last year. Many of them seem amazed at what they have seen so far.

“There are a lot of people here. So many people, ”said Katelyn Newton, 16, of Stafford. “He was packed every day.”

Newton brought farm animals to the fairgrounds two years ago and only exhibited them once in 2020 in Culpeper County. She can’t wait to win awards this year at Fredericksburg for the eight cows and pork she brought to the Brooke Road Family Farm Fair.

“We can make them pretty, bathe them, haircuts and blow dry them,” Newton said. “We hope we can get some good ribbons this year. “

Matchett, who started his road season in Florida six months ago, has also seen only sizable crowds wherever he has traveled on the fairground circuit. He believes people all over the world want to go out and socialize and expects to see a large number of people at his hometown fairs for the rest of the summer.

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