Frozen over Vancouver’s waters, it’s not safe to skate over city-states

In light of the last cold snap in Vancouver, some residents have taken to skating on frozen water bodies, an activity the city of Vancouver is now warning against.

In recent days, images of Vancouver skaters enjoying the new outdoor rinks have circulated on social media. However, the city says despite the cold and the edges around some of Vancouver’s lakes / ponds looking quite thick, it’s not safe.

“Don’t go on the ice, or let your pet go on the ice, Trout Lake, The Lost Lagoon, Jericho Ponds or any other body of water,” the city said in a statement. series of social media posts Tuesday, December 27. ).

The city then provided instructions on how to get out of the water if the ice broke.

  • Cry out for help
  • Reach and grab on the ice
  • Hit hard and push your stomach on the ice
  • Roll like a log on ice
  • Don’t get up to walk to the shore

If you can’t get out of it, hold on to the ice and keep yelling until help arrives.

  • If you see someone falling through the ice:
  • Call 911, don’t try to rescue them yourself
  • Shout the self-rescue steps to the person
  • Keep watching and talking to the person until help arrives

The city has also cautioned against leaving pets on the ice, making sure they are on a leash at all times and if they fall through the ice, call 911. S ‘ they fall in, don’t try to rescue them yourself; keep an eye on them until help arrives.

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