Get to know Bystedt, Lund, Havelid, Fisher

The San Jose Sharks picked up a pair of Swedes and Bostonians in the first three rounds of the 2022 NHL Draft.

The Boston boys are very proud to be from Boston, but both are thrilled to be with the Sharks now. How did No. 34 pick Cameron Lund and No. 76 Michael Fisher pick the Northeast as their NCAA destination?

How does Filip Bystedt feel about playing in North America next season? Mattias Havelid’s opinion on Erik Karlsson?

The San Jose Sharks’ first four picks discussed a number of things after being drafted, here are the highlights.


Bystedt, after playing 15 games in the SHL, the Swedish professional league:

Yeah, it was a fun experience like bigger guys, stronger guys, so you have to adapt to this game. Fun experience and I think it was good for me.

Bystedt on the possibility of playing in the AHL next season:

I think I would be open to it like now before the draft and pretty much now I’m focusing on the NHL, developing there, playing hockey, but it’s something I would consider.

Bystedt on how he feels about his teammates and friends also having to go to the draft (this was before day 2 of the draft):

I think they’re pretty excited. We have been friends for a long time. Me and [Mattias] Hävelid played all the way [together]. We grew up, [playing on the] same team. I’m pretty excited. I can’t wait to see tomorrow too where they go.


Lund on how he would describe his game and who he models his game on:

I would say I’m a big offensive end. I mean, [I have] lots of offensive ability, skating, speed, can shoot the puck from anywhere, and that playing ability too. I kind of try to model my game after Jack Eichel. He’s someone I’ve watched since college hockey and the only guy I’ve really tried to mold my game with.

Lund on his decision to attend Northeastern next year:

I mean I’m a Boston kid, I kind of wanted to stay in Boston. My family and friends can go to all of my games and stuff, so I wouldn’t say it’s really had an impact, but staying in Boston and playing college hockey is something I’ve dreamed of.

Lund on whether he knew San Jose Sharks general manager Mike Grier before the draft:

Yeah. I know a little about his child. So I was able to meet him several times and everything. Big family and all. I can not wait.

Mattias Havelid

Hävelid, after being drafted by the Sharks:

Simply happy. That’s so important. Dream come true, drafted by the Sharks. My best mate got drafted yesterday, Bystedt, so I couldn’t be happier.

Hävelid on what the Sharks told him to lead in the draft:

Just talk about me as a person and what I do best on the ice. Relax and just try to impress them in some way and have a nice conversation.

Hävelid, on whom he models his game and the areas of his game he wants to improve:

I always like to watch Erik Karlsson when he plays. Karlsson was my big idol, and now that he’s been drafted by the Sharks, and he’s playing there, it’s really cool, actually. He is therefore the great player that I have always admired. Things I need to improve? Obviously, defensive stuff. Pretty much getting better in every way, but little things at a time.


Fisher on whether he expected to be picked by the San Jose Sharks or when he was picked and how he feels:

I was hoping to be chosen [by anyone], so I mean, I really couldn’t be happier. And then having my family, my girlfriend, my agent, some friends here, it’s the best thing ever, so I feel great.

I didn’t really have any expectations. Although, when Grier was made general manager, I had skated with him two days before at a skills session in Marlborough, so it was great to hear he got that gig. Super happy for him and then to be able to be part of this organization now it’s pretty cool. It’s awesome.

Fisher on her decision to attend Northeastern this fall:

It ended up being a decision where I think that’s where I’ll develop the best as a hockey player. The people there are great, it’s close to where we live. My grandparents could come to all the matches. Matthew [Arena] is where my grandfather first skated. He’s a child of Southie. So just his hometown. I really couldn’t go wrong being close to home.

Fisher, on how he would describe his game:

I would say I’m a two-way defender. I think one of my best attributes is my skating. That, in tandem with my size, is probably my trademark, just the speed and build I have.

Fisher, on whom he models his game after:

I like Mike Reilly. I like his game and he’s with the Bruins, I watch them a lot, just because he’s the home team. I love B’s. So I like watching him because he’s a really good skater.

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