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We were pleased to see the responsiveness of Alpena officials to residents who shared more than an hour of concerns about a planned Culligan Plaza redevelopment and needed repairs (and possible renovations) at Riverside Skate Park.

A bit of context:

The city proposed a total overhaul of Culligan Plaza at the corner of 2nd Avenue and Chisholm Street in downtown Alpena. Officials say the redesign is necessary in part to make the square more accessible to people with disabilities.

However, many residents cried foul over a recently released artist’s rendering of the redesign and the proposed $320,000 price tag for the project.

The skate park at the corner of 9th Avenue and Oldfield Street has deteriorated to the point that it is no longer safe and the city recently closed it until repairs can be made. Some residents cried foul and instead called for the park to be redesigned with concrete ramps.

Residents spoke out on both issues at the Alpena City Council meeting on Monday.

In response, city officials said Culligan Plaza’s renovation designs should be reconsidered, News writer Steve Schulwitz reported, and officials recommended the committee working on the plaza’s redesign include more comments from residents.

City engineer Steve Shultz, meanwhile, envisioned a two-step process for the skate park: Fix it up so it can reopen, then plan a remodel later down the road.

Either way, “that’s how this project will be done, is by involving people,” Shultz said.

We are pleased to see that the city is hearing and responding to residents’ concerns.

It is simply good governance.

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