Hall County Accepts $ 10,000 for Stuhr Rink Project | Local news from the Big Island

“I invite you to think back to your childhood, if you have ever had the chance to skate outside, to feel the fresh air on your face and the sun on your back,” she said, “think just that kind of experience of being open to visitors to Grand Island and Hall County and what revenue that could bring to tourism. ”

The ice rink will not be available all year round. It will be taken down during the warmer months with a plan to make it a reception space the rest of the year, Arrington-Williams explained.

“There are weddings that are organized at church and school activities, groups. They will be under some sort of blanket in this area, ”she said. “We will be able to use it in a variety of ways.

Commissioner Jane Richardson, who serves as the liaison between the board and the museum, pleaded for support for the project.

“It’s absolutely an improvement of the community,” she said. “It’s an option in winter. Family fun. Great things to do for groups and for children to do during the school holidays. I encourage you all to support this.

Commissioner Scott Sorenson asked why the funds were needed when the foundation, according to his request, had already secured $ 85,000 for the project.

“If you look at the line items, the projections versus the actual expenses, is something that definitely changes with every project, as we all know,” Arrington-Williams said. “There were some issues with the power and ‘okay condition’ with that.”

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