Ice Skating’s 12th year is coming to Main Street Square soon

RAPID CITY, SD (KELO) – The onset of cooler weather is making way for changes at Rapid City’s main street plaza.

As the season changes, so does the main street plaza in Rapid City. Maintenance crews worked to transform the downtown gathering place into a skating rink.

“There are five of us in total building this arena, putting it all together and tearing it down. There’s a lot that goes with it, we’re excited to do that,” said COO Joe Garza.

Crews have been returning to Main Street Square for 11 years. However, this year’s project has been improved.

“Just like the infrastructure of your home, after so many years it has a life expectancy and it’s an opportunity to upgrade and that’s exactly what we did. It was a big investment, about $90,000 for this new system,” Rodriguez said.

The new system will help water freeze faster and keep it frozen longer.

This rink holds hundreds of gallons of water. It should be kept below 30 degrees.

Not only is it an exciting time for the community, but CEO Domico Rodriguez and the maintenance crews look forward to the ice skating season every year.

“For us it’s a good thing, for the business community and the community in general, it’s outdoor adventures for the holiday season that we welcome people downtown whenever we can bring them. here,” Rodriguez said.

Depending on the weather, the rink should be operational by Nov. 19, the week before Thanksgiving.

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