Julian Edelman just can’t stop sharing memes about Tom Brady’s return to Foxboro – CBS Boston

By Michael Hurley, CBS Boston

BOSTON (CBS) – Okay, Julian. We understood. You like memes.

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Former Patriots wide receiver Julian Edelman is certainly going through some emotions this week, as his soccer best friend – Tom Brady – takes on the man who shot him and gave him a career – Bill Belichick. As the whole world watches the nationally televised event, Edelman expects to experience a whole range of feelings as he watches the events unfold.

In the meantime, by the way? In the meantime, he’s going to share some memes.

Thursday was a video meme, captured from an iconic scene from “The Office.”

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On Friday, he enjoyed another unforgettable moment in television history: when Bill Belichick showed up at the Patriots’ Halloween party in 2009 disguised as a pirate.

That moment was captured by NFL Films, which followed Belichick for the 2009 season to produce “A Football Life: Bill Belichick,” which aired in 2011. And it’s a moment Edelman certainly never forgot.

So, Edelman shared a simple meme on Friday, titled “Patriots Become Buccaneers.” In the “How It Started” section, Belichick was roller skating around the rink in pirate attire. On the “How’s it going” side, it was Brady and Rob Gronkowski celebrating their Super Bowl victory in February.

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The hours are now closing on the kick-off of Sunday night’s game. We’ll see if Edelman has any other internet memes before that.

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