Kvitelashvili takes first career figure skating Grand Prix victory | Sports

SOCHI, Russia (AP) – Morisi Kvitelashvili became the first Georgian to win a figure skating Grand Prix after edging Mikhail Kolyada and Kazuki Tomono in a tight competition at the Rostelecom Cup on Saturday.

Each of the top three skaters once fell in a free skate decided by tight judges as Kvitelashvili won with a score of 266.33, beating Kolyada with 264.64 and Tomono with 264.19.

Tomono was the leader of the short program and, skating last to the soundtrack for the movie “La La Land”, was clean on two of his three quadruple jumps but fell on a triple axis. This ensured that he couldn’t get past Kvitelashvili, who overcame his own fall on a quadruple toe loop in his program to a Frank Sinatra medley.

Kvitelashvili, from Moscow, is coached by Eteri Tutberidze, best known as the coach of many Russian Olympic and world champion skaters over the past decade.

Russian skater Kolyada posted the best free skate score at 180.16 as he moved from fourth place in the short program to second and secured a place in the Grand Prix final next month at Japan.

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