Laguna Beach Pro Skateboarder Partners with CA Eatery Urban Plates

ORANGE COUNTY, CA — A California restaurant is teaming up with a Laguna Beach pro skateboarder to bring a new collaboration to residents across the state.

Fast-casual restaurant Urban Plates is teaming up with six-time world champion and 13-time X Games gold medalist Nyjah Hustin with a new dish designed to inspire customers to “do their best”, according to a press release from ‘Urban Plates.

The “Nyjah Bowl” features a flavor-packed combination of grilled chicken with Gochujang sauce, roasted sweet potatoes with grilled red peppers and onions, charred broccoli and wakame, served over cauliflower fried rice and topped with micro greens. The new bowl will be available at all 17 Urban Plates locations across California for $13.

“The main reason I love Urban Plates and why I think other people who haven’t tried it yet will, is because the food tastes great,” Hustin said in a press release. . “It’s affordable, it’s fast and it feels good. It is a healthy food that gives you good energy.

Hustin, who currently lives in Laguna Beach, frequently dines at Urban Plates restaurants and made the first move for the partnership last summer, an Urban Plates spokesperson said.

From there, Hustin suggested the idea of ​​working together to develop a dish powered by Hustin’s desire to educate his fans about the importance of eating healthy, nutrient-dense meals.

“I always ate healthy meals growing up thanks to my mom’s cooking,” Hustin said. “That’s what I love about Urban Plates. Eating healthy is a big part of my success and their food is healthy, nutritious and made from scratch.

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