Local ice rink ‘reinvents’ itself and solicits public input

Forest Park Forever and the City of St. Louis are partnering to transform Steinberg Ice Rink into a year-round facility.

ST. LOUIS – It’s been a staple in Saint-Louis for over 60 years. The Steinberg Ice Rink at Forest Park has created memories for families and visitors each winter.

Now the city of St. Louis wants to create more memories that can be made throughout the year.

That’s why they’re asking for your feedback in the design phase of a “reinvented Steinberg”.

For eight months of the year, the rink is pretty empty, but this project would change all that.

His goal is to fill the rink all year round, just like during those magical winter months.

Dominik Jansky, director of communications and marketing at Forest Park Forever, said they couldn’t do it without the help of the community.

“We really want to hear from St. Louis residents and visitors because really…you know…it’s their park…so to make it a success…that’s really an important part of the process,” he said. declared. .

Forest Park Forever and the City of St. Louis are teaming up to transform a historic and beloved structure into something even bigger and better, according to Jansky.

“Forest Park, we see it bringing people together, and we know it’s a point of pride for people, and it’s an area that isn’t used as much,” he said.

That’s exactly what Jansky said he and his team at Forest Park Forever want to change.

Over the past year, the nonprofit has been gathering ideas from the community on what they want to see.

They presented the possible future of the rink on Saturday, October 8.

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Lesley Hoffarth, executive director of Forest Park, said she wanted to make the facility vibrant all year round.

“That’s what this project is about, connecting the building and the rink to the landscape and Kingshighway to be a great hub of activity for this natural side of the park, and a great gateway for people coming from the city. east,” she said.

The “reimagined Steinberg” could include everything from roller skating to food and drink options, entertainment and even indoor spaces inside the building, according to Hoffarth.

“We really want to make sure we’re getting the right bones, this space is about 65 years old, and it’s pretty much at the end of its useful life, so we want to make sure the infrastructure is there, and then we can change with seasonal activities,” she says.

While the potential renders are there, Jansky said, they still want to hear from the community about how to make Steinberg’s rink more than a winter memory.

“It will help Forest Park continue to be what everyone wants it to be,” he said.

There’s a Virtual Steinberg Reimagined Open House on Tuesday, October 11 at 6:30 p.m. via Zoom.

You’ll hear about Forest Park Forever and the design team, see current renders, and share your feedback directly.

Register for the Virtual Open House here.

If you can’t, you can also share your ideas online via this poll.

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