Local skateboarders take part in a recent skate jam at the Pleasanton skate park

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Pleasanton Express Staff

Ryan Hagedorn attempts a trick during the advanced skate jam competition held at the Pleasanton Skatepark on May 21st. CADE ANDREWS | PLEASANTON EXPRESS

Avid skateboarders of all ages were welcome to show off their skills at the skate jam on May 21 at the Pleasanton skate park. The event, organized by The Navigators, started in the morning with a build your own board competition and continued through the afternoon with a competition for beginners and advanced. Bob Byrd of the Navigators helped organize the event with the City of Pleasanton Parks and Recreation Department. It saw an increase from their previous skate jam event in February.

“I would say our main focus is getting new starters,” Byrd said. “And we succeeded. Probably 95% of these kids are beginners. We have a mix of beginners, intermediate and advanced. The advanced skaters that we have here, a lot of them come from out of town, which is part of our strategy to bring these outlying areas that don’t have skate parks, to send their people here and we’ll do a home for them.”

After the build your own board contest, beginner skaters had the opportunity to learn from the best of the best. Former pro skateboarder Stephanie Person made an appearance and offered tips and advice for ambitious skateboarders.

Between classes, a lunch of hot dogs, fries and drinks was served thanks to gracious donations that were provided. Byrd expressed his gratitude to the sponsors of the skate jam event and has big ambitions for the future of the skateboarding community.

The Navigators will host another event at the Pleasanton Civic Center on July 12 from 5-8 p.m. The event will feature a cameo from Tony Hawk in his latest HBO documentary “Until the Wheels Drop.” Additionally, members of the skateboarding community will talk about what the skatepark has meant to them. The public is invited to attend the event.

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