Look at this Quad Axel!

The quad axel is the most elusive jump in skating. No man has ever landed a fully spun quad axle in competition, and no woman has ever attempted one. The jump is more difficult than any other quad jump because the forward entry makes it 4.5 rotations in the air.

Yuzuru Hanyu has been chasing her dream of landing the quad axle in competition for three years. He nearly did it last December at the Japan Nationals, but he landed on two feet and the jump was downgraded (meaning he was more than half a rotation short). At the 2022 Olympics, Hanyu was particularly focused on nailing the quadruple axis in his free skate. He fell on his attemptbut the jump was officially scored as under-rotated (less than half a short rotation) and it became the best 4A attempt in competition by any skater.

But Hanyu appears to be soon bowled over by 17-year-old American skater Ilia Malinin, who dubbed himself the Quad God with his Instagram handle. Malinin worked hard on the quadruple axis in training. From the looks of his recent training videos, he took first place for being the first skater to land this jump in competition. In May, he posted a workout video of a clean 4A.

Former Olympic skaters flooded the comments with shock and praise. And today, Malinin posted another video of a quad axel, this one from a driving range in Japan, where it’s skating in an exhibition:

Just listen to the audience react to this! He makes it look so easy. Malinin said on Instagram Live in May that he plans to incorporate 4A into his program for this upcoming skating season, which begins in August or September (competition assignments have yet to be set). He said he was also working on the quintuple jumps. This will be Malinin’s first competitive season as a senior, and every time he takes to the ice it will be a date.

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