Matthew Beniers’ trip sets him up to be Seattle’s future – the athletic

Christine Beniers’ youngest child was barely 18 months old when it became apparent that Matty had way too much energy. There had to be a way to harness that excitement, so a decision was made to put him on skates.

Tuesdays and Thursdays at the Pilgrim Skating Arena in Hingham, Mass. Was the place to be because of its “Little People” program designed to get kids out on the ice. It seemed like the best outlet for a mother to take her rambunctious child. The first time her child skated on the ice, he fell. He did it again. On two occasions, the child asked his mother if they could go home because “it’s too slippery”.

But six months later, the child returned. He never left the ice again.

This energetic kid has grown into a promising teenager with a tireless work ethic and a two-way cross who has everything it takes to make his mark in the NHL. At 18, Matthew Beniers, the 2021 NHL Draft’s second pick, is set to be the face of the Seattle Kraken one day.

“You have to have a strong mind,” said Matthew Beniers’ dad, Bob. “To be an athlete, you have to sleep. He stood, studied, and did his homework. I was like “Go to bed Matt” and he would continue to study. … He was on the pond behind our house taking backhand kicks for half an hour when he was 8 years old. One of his first weeks in Michigan (on the US National Team Development Program), he was in the shooting range for so long that he locked himself in the building. You can’t make that up. This is who he is.

Virtually any US-born teenager who wants to play in the NHL knows that going to the US NTDP can help them. Jack Eichel.

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