Morning Skate: Eve – Stanley Cup Chowder

Well folks, we’ve made it until Christmas Eve.

Christmas Eve on a Friday is, for some reason, a strange concept to me. But hey, there we are.

Ideally, this is the last Morning Skate you’ll see until Tuesday; if so, that means the Bruins are playing again on Monday, so a preview will be in place of the Skateboard.

I’m still skeptical that the league will be back and fully functioning, but we’ll see.

What that would mean, too, is that we got through the doldrums week unscathed – well, relatively, at least.

We had another trade request, but you didn’t rip your head off out of boredom, so we’ll take the W where we can.

If you are spending time with your loved ones this weekend, I hope you will enjoy it. If you keep a low profile and be careful, I hope you like this too.

Ideally, the Bruins can also spend time with their loved ones. David Pastrnak mentioned that his brother, mother and friend are in town, the first time he’s seen them in over two years. Good product.

Sky will have you covered from a World Junior Championship (it always is) later this morning, and we can all get ready to embrace Lysellmania.

It’s that time of year for Sky, where he transforms into a true content machine, so buckle up.

Either way, enjoy the holidays, or enjoy the weekend if you don’t watch!

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