Morning Skate: Ideas – Stanley Cup Chowder

Tuesday! It’s the second day of the week. Thanks for reading.

At this point in the offseason, I’m struggling with Morning Skate topics, so bear with me.

The Bruins are almost done with their business, the rest of the NHL is quiet… the World Juniors continues, but that’s about it.

I actually like this time of the offseason, because there’s not really an expectation for anything to happen – it’s real “down” time.

One of the most notable events in NHL circles at the end of last week was the fact that the NHL had the lowest All-Star Game viewership of any major American men’s professional league:

There have been a lot of tweets and comments that “it’s because the NHL is doing a poor job of marketing its stars”, but I think it’s more a case of the All-Star Game NHL is boring.

I guess I can see the argument that “casual sports fans won’t tune in because they don’t know the big names” but hardcore hockey fans are more likely to know that the game is a stuffing and don’t plan their weekends around this.

I’d also be curious if those numbers take into account the ‘weekend’ aspect – I’d bet that many more hockey fans tune in to the skills competition than the game itself.

Anyway, something else for us to discuss…

Talking topic of the day

… then argue!

Do you find the NHL’s place in the North American professional sports landscape concerning? Or can the league very well get along as a kind of “niche” league?

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